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Enlighten by KM Shea

My edition: Kindle Unlimited Complete series bundle
Pages: 126
Series: King Arthur and Her Knights #5
Genre: Historical, Fantasy, YA
Published: June 11, 2015
Rating:3.5 stars


It took Britt two years to be crowned King of Britain, raise Camelot, and establish the Round Table. It takes only a moment to bring everything crashing down on her. With the reveal of Britt’s biggest secret, her true identity and gender, comes the revelation that her knights might never forgive her. While Britt flees for the safety of London and her knights wallow in anger at Camelot, help comes in the most unexpected of forms.


This picked up. I love where the story is going. Though I don’t know if indeed a romance will blossom or not.

I still don’t care much for Lancelot. I like Britt the more I read about her. I wonder is Merlin going to start understanding his feelings? Guess I will find out in the next book.

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