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Enchanted by KM Shea

My edition: Kindle Unlimited Complete Series Bundle
Pages: 136
Series: King Arthur and Her Knights #2
Genre: Historical, YA
Published: October 14, 2013
Rating: 4 stars


After she is successfully crowned King of Britain and vanquishes those opposed to her rule, Britt thought life would settle down and she could peacefully pretend to be the real King Arthur and search for the lost Round Table. However, her enemies aren’t cowed yet. King Lot sends his beautiful wife, Morgause, and his four sons to Camelot as ambassadors, but Britt doubts their good will when knight after knight falls in love with the foreign queen.

Merlin reveals that Morgause has cast an enchantment on the knights of Camelot, an enchantment he cannot break. As a result, Britt is betrayed by some of her closest knights and becomes an outcast in her own kingdom. To win back her men, Britt will have to make costly sacrifices, survive attempts against her life, and gain the loyalties of Gawain—the eldest son of King Lot and Queen Morgause.


I like this book more than the first book.

It is true that there is something glorious about a rightful male sovereign. He makes orders and is instantly obeyed; he is the best and brightest of all his peers, and he rules with that distinction. But a female ruler… she inspires. She makes her men feel like they can be better men; she makes them feel trusted and warm.

There is more character development than there was in the first book. Britt is slowly starting to not be selfish in wanting her old life. She is starting to understand change isn’t the worst.

The story also picks up. I wasn’t bored and I wasn’t skimming through. I really did enjoy this book more than the first. I hope that the rest of the series builds the world up better and doesn’t fall short.