Book Reviews

All That’s Left by Emma Doherty

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 245
Series: The Carlington Twins #1
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Sports, High School
Published: Oct. 24,2019
Rating: 4 stars


Izzy Kavanagh’s life falls apart when her mother dies. She is forced to move to the US and live with her absent father, who thinks money is the answer to every problem, and her twin brother Ethan, who she has barely spoken to in years.

She hates everything about the move. She hates that she’s forced to finish high school even though she’s already completed it in the UK. She hates that her father is controlling her and threatening to take away her inheritance if she doesn’t do as he says, even though he’s barely there and couldn’t care less about her. She hates that everybody already has an opinion on her based on her family name.

But what she hates above all else is having to see her brother every day in his perfect life where everybody worships him, because he chose this life over her and her mum.

And for that, she’ll never forgive him.


This book was an emotional roller coaster. I will say it does wonderfully with someone who doesn’t want to deal with grief and just blames the world.

Izzy is on a downward spiral. She lost her mother. Her father has forced her to come to America. She has to retake high school even though she finished it in England. She is mad at her brother who left her and her mom to live with their absentee father.

Izzy just doesn’t want to feel. She drinks does drugs and has sex to numb the pain. I wouldn’t say this is clean, but there are no detailed sex scenes. It does talk about sex and hint at it but nothing explicit.

The emotions I went through were surprising. I mean I am quite surprised. I didn’t think I would come to like this book. There are a few grammar errors. I don’t know if it’s because in England things are said differently or if they are legit grammar errors. This also has British spelling even when an American is talking. The author warns of this in the beginning. I can’t wait to read the second book.