Quarter Disney Challenge

I haven’t done a challenge in a long time. Thanks to a group I am in on Goodreads this is the monthly challenge. I will have my own rules on this one but it will be somewhat the same. Either way, they are simple. I want to challenge myself. (MPG means Main page Goodreads)


  • 1 point for every task completed
  • 5 points for every 1000 pages read
  • 5 points for every subcategory completed
  • DNF books don’t count
  • Manga/ graphic novels don’t count
  • Must be read between July 1st- Sept. 30


Snow White


  • Author’s initials in TANGLEDA Convenient Engagement
  • ‘Thorn’ in text (pg number included)
  • 500+ pages
  • Star(s) on cover
  • Read a book outside your comfort zone
  • Published in 2010 (any month)
  • Features a kidnappingEnlighten
  • MC is a bad guy/girl All That’s Left


  • Blue cover (75%)Ice Crown
  • Dress on cover
  • Letters G.L.A.S.S. in title (any order)Cinders Like Glass
  • MPG Classic
  • ‘Midnight’ in text
  • Shoe on cover
  • Features a castleEmbittered
  • MC is a servant or maid


  • Letters N.E.D.D.L.E. in series title (any order)
  • Features fairies
  • Read a book from the Royalty List
  • Tagged Fairy Tale
  • MC lives with a foster family
  • MC has blonde hairEmbark
  • ‘Sleep’ in text
  • Pink cover


  • Yellow cover
  • Flower(s) on cover
  • ‘Candle’ in text
  • Features a curse
  • Letters B.E.L.L.E. in series title
  • Author’s initials in BEASTThe Captain and Miss Winter
  • Features an inventor
  • MC has brown hair


  • Animal(s) on cover
  • Forest’ in textQueen of Snow pg 13
  • Feature a hunt
  • MC is a princeThe Promised Prince
  • Tagged Shapeshifter
  • Features a shy character
  • Brown cover
  • Title starts with a letter in BAMBI




  • Set in New Orleans
  • MC works in a restaurant
  • Features a sorcerer/sorceress
  • POC MC
  • Frog’ in textThe Barnyard Princess pg 48
  • Author’s initials in TIANA
  • Features a first kissTithe


  • Set in Africa
  • Letters N.A.L.A. in series title
  • Best friends to lovers book
  • Orange cover
  • Author’s initials in SIMBA
  • MC works with animals
  • ‘King’ in text
  • Features a battle


  • Letters A.N.N.A. in series title
  • MC is a princess
  • Tagged Family
  • Snow on cover
  • ‘Queen’ in text
  • Features a love triangleThe Rejected King
  • Author’s initials on OLAF
  • Features magic


  • Set in China
  • Author’s initials in MUSHU
  • ‘Dragon’ in text
  • Letters M.U.L.A.N. in title
  • Sword on cover
  • Features an emperor/empress
  • MCP Historical FictionA Dark Beauty
  • ‘Horse’ in text


  • MPG mythology
  • ‘gym’ in text
  • Author’s initials in HERCULES
  • Features a sacrifice
  • MC’s name is 3 letters only (ex- Meg)
  • Published in 2007 (any month)
  • Fire on cover
  • Features a betrayalThe Stolen Princess


  • Leaves on cover
  • Set in America
  • Published in June (any year)
  • MPG Romance
  • Gold cover
  • Features racism
  • ‘Grandmother’ in text
  • Author’s initials in SMITH


  • Author’s initials in JANE
  • MC is an orphan
  • Read a book from the Translated Books List
  • ‘Umbrella’ in text
  • Features a deathEndings
  • Letters K.A.L.A. in title
  • ‘human’ in text
  • Ship on cover


  • Book set in Scotland
  • Features someone with an accent
  • Character uses a bow and arrow
  • MC has 3+ siblingsKnox
  • MC has red hairA Stolen Heart
  • ‘Bear’ in text
  • Features a competition
  • Title has the letter V in it


  • Set on an island
  • ‘Hook’ in text
  • MC’s first or last name starts w/ M
  • Features a demon
  • Tattoos on cover
  • Book has no romanceEnchanted
  • Letters MAUI in series title
  • Published in November


  • Wings on cover
  • MPG Mystery
  • ‘Repair’ in text
  • Features an insecure character
  • Letters PAN in title
  • Authors initials in TINKERBELL
  • Features a sassy characterEndeavor
  • MC first/last name starts with T


  • MC’s first/ last name starts w/ G
  • ‘Bride’ in text
  • Features a HEAA Beautiful Love
  • Set in NYC
  • Author’s initials are in ANDALASIA
  • Features a lawyer
  • MC has a kidSecond Chance Ranch
  • Letters ENCHANTED in title




Tasks: 35 /168
Subcategories: /21
Pages: 7952

Total: 70


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