Book Reviews

Abi and the Boy Next Door by Kelsie Stelting

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 372
Series: Texas High: Abi #1
Genre: YA, Romance, Sport
Published: Dec. 8, 2018
Rating: 2.5 stars


It’s the first day at my new school and I already have a wide load sticker on my back.

But this is still better than life was before. Before I was taken away from my parents. Before I moved in with my grandma.

Before I met Jon Scoller.

He’s cute, he lives down the street, but the guy asks way too many questions. Questions about a past I’d rather forget.

And I am not his type. He needs to be with a cheerleader. A perfect girl. Someone who doesn’t look like the before picture for a weight loss shake.

Jon makes me feel like I’m more than a number on the scale, but I’m starting to wonder: does he feel the same way or does he just feel sorry for me?


I have read a book series by Kelsie before. They were super cute though had a few characters who fat-shamed. I am not opposed to some characters fat-shaming due to people in real life fat shame. So it stays realistic to me. What I don’t like is when an author fat-shames and makes it a point to do so.

I don’t know if it’s just the two small-town schools I went to in my life or if fiction is just exaggerated. I feel like in most books there seems to only be one plus-sized person in the school. Sorry but that wasn’t how it was at either of the schools I went to. Also, our jocks had some big boys. They weren’t all 6 feet and muscles for days. Just saying.

And while I am ranting, if you are not where you want to be with weight, no matter how much you weigh, please don’t starve yourself. Also, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and managing weight won’t be done in a week. Please give yourself some time. I am having to remind myself of this because I’m not back to where I was before JB. I have to remember that JB is only six months. While some women can bounce back after a baby, I’m not them and my body needs time.

Anyway sorry for the rant. On to the actual review. Abi is living with her grandma after her abusive parents are put in jail. Abi lives down the street from Jon. She makes friends with a girl named Stormy on the first day. Abi is a plus-sized girl who hates herself and her weight.

I love that even though Abi hates herself, she does seem to work to better herself. She isn’t a heroine that the author made to self-pity herself or to try and get attention. I love when characters try to better themselves. It makes me not want to smack them.

Now Jon and Abi… I don’t see the attraction she has for him. He hasn’t really done anything to get the almost stalker vibe from her. I just don’t get what she sees in him. While I am glad Abi tries to better herself, I don’t like the thoughts she has about herself.

Porker dead, choked on pork.

She isn’t nice to herself. And that makes me a bit mad. I understand she doesn’t like her weight but that doesn’t mean she has the right to dig on herself. I also understand that with the way her mom was that it’s ingrained in her brain to think the worst of herself. So I guess I can let that slide.

I don’t know if I will put the second book on my TBR. I wasn’t too thrilled with the book.


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