Book Reviews

The Love Playbook by Suze Winegardner

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 230
Genre: YA, Contemporary, Sports, Romance
Published: November 4, 2019
Rating: DNF @ pg 18 (No Rating)


When Avery Stone learns her dad will be fired if his high school team doesn’t make the playoffs, she has to get her head out of her day planner and do something—anything—to help him win. Even if it means secretly coaching the team’s newest player, who seems to have more game than skill.

Lucas Black just transferred to Hillside with a fake name and a big secret. The MVP of every team he’d played on since he was seven—not to mention the MVP of every post-game party—he can’t understand why since arriving at Hillside, he’s been unable to catch a single. Freaking. Ball.

Until…Avery. Amazing, kind, generous, and crazy-freaking-hot Avery.

As Lucas goes from zero back to hero and Avery struggles with just what Lucas means to her, she inadvertently sets them on a collision course with Lucas’s secret…a secret that could take down not only Lucas but her father too.


Oh, this is sad. It’s been a while since I DNFed a book so early. I wasn’t feeling it to start off with. Nothing jumped out at me in the first chapter. Already I didn’t like either of the MCs. Then I had a theory, read some reviews, and the theory was proven correct. I skimmed the little bit of chapter 2 that I did read.

Nothing and I mean nothing popped out at me when I skimmed. If anything it made me want to skip to the end just to know how everything turned out. Instead, I have decided this book isn’t for me. I am going to put it back and part ways. It will be easier than trying to force myself through a book that I know I will give a low rating.

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