Book Reviews

The Princess Crown by Cordelia Castel

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 544
Series: The Princess Trials #3 final book
Genre: YA, Dystopia
Published: Dec. 3rd, 2020
Rating: 4 STARS


She wanted to destroy the monarchy.
Now she must battle to save her prince.

Zea resumes her role as a spy but this time against the people she once pledged her loyalty—the Red Runners.

Rescuing Prince Kevon won’t be easy, especially when suspicion plagues Zea’s every step. She also doesn’t know how the prince will react to learning her terrible truth.

Lies are uncovered, hearts broken… Can Zea and Prince Kevon overcome their differences, save Phangloria and find love?


While the first book was magnificent and kept me on edge. The following two books didn’t quite measure up. The series is wonderful but the first book set a high bar. It almost reminds me of Divergent. The first book is amazing but the following books don’t quite measure up even though they are good.

Zea has to continue the fight but Prince Kevon has learned of the real reason why she had entered the Princess Trials.

I feel like the romance was good. The action at the beginning of the book held my attention. Towards the middle, it slowed down a smidge then picked back up then would slow down then pick back up to an ending that was surprisingly good.

There is a book called Princess Purge but that falls Princess Briar’s story. Briar was a character that I wasn’t very fond of nor did I dislike her. It’s up in the air if I will read her story.

A good end to a good series.