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Before Beauty by Brittany Fichter

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 292
Series: Becoming Beauty #1
Genre: YA, Fairy-tale retelling, Beauty and the Beast
Published: March 9th, 2015
Rating: 3 stars


Can an accursed prince and a broken beauty move beyond their hatred for one another, not only to break the curse and save their kingdom, but to find love as well?

Prince Everard’s father spent the boy’s youth forging the prince into a warrior. Upon the king’s death, however, Everard realizes he’s lost himself somewhere along the way, and in his pain, makes a decision that brings a dark curse upon both him and the great Fortress that has so long guarded the people of Destin.

The prince’s sin doesn’t simply affect those of his citadel, however. Isa, the daughter of a local merchant, has suffered the prince’s hasty temper before, and it changed her life forever. When Everard’s final outburst cuts off his people’s source of protection with the curse, he demands that she, a crippled commoner, come to help him break it. All the while, Destin’s northern enemy crouches at the foot of the Fortress’s mountain, waiting for the right moment to capture the stronghold that has stood for a thousand years.

Can Ever and Isa move past their brokenness to save Destin together, or will they and their beloved kingdom remain under darkness forever?

Buy Before Beauty today to escape into the world of The Becoming Beauty Trilogy, as well as the Classical Kingdoms Collection, a series of fairy tale retellings for grownups who still believe in sacrifice, true love, and the magic of happily-ever-afters. Even though Before Beauty is an introduction to both series, it can be read as a stand-alone as well. 


This was quite a different take on the Beauty and the Beast story. I quite liked it.

It was different. A little slow-paced. I recommend this to anyone who loves Beauty and the Beast. It has a different curse and our heroine was actually crippled by the very prince she will soon fall in love with.

It was a story of two broken people who found that life isn’t always so fair and that being selfish isn’t the best thing for anybody. Especially when you are a ruler of a kingdom.