Book Reviews

Hate Notes by Gracie Graham

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 263
Series: Lakeview Prep #1
Genre: Young Adult, High School, Haters to Lovers
Published: June 26th, 2021
Rating: 3.5 stars


Topher Elliot is high school royalty.

The king of Lakeview prep.

You know the type. Disgustingly rich. Blond-haired. Eyes the color of a clear, blue sky. And muscles for days.

He also happens to be enemy #1, the bane of my existence.

Only, now my scholarship is in jeopardy and, like the peasant I am, I must tutor the king himself if I want to graduate.

Still, if I have to be around him, I might as well make it worth my while. So I send him a scathing text, telling him exactly what I think about him. But he mistakes me for someone else. That’s when I hatch a plan: get dirt on the king, and watch his reign crumble.

It’s about time someone made the king come tumbling down.


The pettiness of high school meant making fun of your peers never got old.

Topher has made fun of Penelope since 6th grade. Penelope has just been trying to get by without being noticed. But Topher pushes her to the point she sends him a hate text. Only one problem… he didn’t know it was her. Now she has the chance to get dirt on him by catfishing him but of course, this is a YA so she is obviously going to fall for him.

It was cute but it’s predictable in ways. I guess I would say I’ve read this story before but with new elements if that makes sense. The rich guy always secretly liked the poor girl. Poor girl hates rich guy. But something brings them together. I liked the story don’t get me wrong but as I said earlier it’s predictable. Still 3.5 stars.