Book Reviews

Winter’s Secret by Lyn Cote

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 239
Series: Northern Intrigue #1
Genre: Christian, Mystery, LEO
Publish: Dec. 25, 2013
Rating: 3 stars


Book 1 in series, Followed by Autumn’s Shadow, Summer’s End, Spring’s Storm, Mistletoe and Sage and Loving Winter

Romance and mystery in a small Wisconsin town during a record-breaking snowy winter.

Smashed heirlooms, ripped upholstery and rifled drawers–who is breaking into homes–stealing and vandalizing? And targeting the most vulnerable–the seniors of the small town? As the new sheriff, Rodd Durand, home again to small town Steadfast, Wisconsin, takes on the Snowmobile Burglar. In the course of her duties, Wendy Carey, the home health nurse, discovers each new break-in. The small town reels as the burglar eludes capture and steps up his crimes. A vindictive woman and a secret baby heighten the suspense. When Wendy and Rodd begin to fall in love, family complicates matters. But the real stumbling block to their love lies within. Can they break through their own insecurities over the past?

Note to readers:This series (Winter’s Secret, Autumn’s Shadow, Summer’s End) came out a decade ago from Tyndale House Publishers in trade paperback and large print. This is the revised and updated edition. In the intervening years since this series first debuted, I wrote another thirty books. When I looked over the pages of the original books, I realized that I like how I write now better.

PLUS technology (ie cell phones, etc) has changed so much that these books needed sprucing up. Besides when an author writes a story, it feels like her child. And I want my “children” to look their best as I send them out into the reading world once more. So I hope you’ll enjoy these books in their second improved edition.


Now that I’ve had a few days to think on this I knocked my four star down to a three star.

I liked the plot line and the characters, but I felt as if this seemed to drag on. Nothing really gripped me about the mystery of what was happening. The vindictive woman felt like she was thrown in for the drama. The secret baby came in towards the end and then wasn’t really anything until the epilogue when we get a POV from the mother.

I don’t know if it’s me and being clouded by allergies and prego brain but nothing stands out really to me from this book.