Book Reviews

Challenge Accepted by Amanda Abram

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 301
Stand alone
Genre: YA, High School, enemies to lovers, next door neighbors
Publish: Jan 25, 2018
Rating: 4 stars


Emma Dawson and Logan Reynolds have been neighbors and enemies for as long as either one can remember. Despite the fact their BFF fathers have been encouraging them their whole lives to be friends, they’ve managed to avoid each other at all costs. Emma thinks Logan is a callous jerk who cares about nobody but himself. Logan thinks Emma is a stuck-up goody-two-shoes with no life. The two couldn’t be any more different…which is why Emma is so confused when the Emerson High Computer Club’s “Summer Fling Compatibility Test” concludes they’re a perfect match.

But Logan’s not confused. He lied on the test to make his “sometimes girlfriend” think they’re not meant to be and now Emma is furious that he made her lose out on the chance of having a swoony summer romance with the perfect guy. Forced by his stepmother to make it up to her, Logan decides to help her win the heart of her lifelong crush: his best friend, Matt.

He knows how much of a challenge this will be. Matt is good-looking, popular and outgoing. Emma is quiet, bookwormish, and scared of everything. However, Logan is convinced that with some major tweaking, he can transform Emma into someone Matt could fall for. But as the summer heats up, so does their budding friendship… and soon, they may be faced with the biggest challenge of all: falling for each other.


Logan and Emma were cute. If you are wanting a good YA haters to lovers romance this would be it. There is cursing but no sex. There is sexual innuendos but that is as far as it goes.

Logan and Emma have known each other forever. Their parents always tried to get them to be friends but it always seemed it wasn’t meant to be. Logan lies on a compatibility test and is matched up with Emma. His stepmother tells him he has to make it up to Emma before a certain deadline.

The story was good. I really did like the slow pace it took. I may read another book by this author.