Book Reviews

Curvy Girls Can’t Date Cowboys by Kelsie Stelting

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 477
Series: Curvy Girls Club #3
Genre: YA, High school, Cowboy, enemies to lovers
Publish: Oct. 24, 2020
Rating: 3.5 STARS


The one thing my parents can’t shelter me from is my heart.

I nearly died the summer of my eighth grade year, and ever since then, my parents have done everything they could to keep me healthy. Now I’m a senior, and instead of feeling safe, I’m suffocating.

When my parents take my twin sisters out of town for an audition, I have my chance to show them that I’m responsible. That I can go to college on my own and start a life outside of their organic food store and Emerson Academy.

All I have to do is turn in all my assignments and have a few quiet nights at home. No problem.

That is, until my video project partner decides to be a total flake. Ray may be hot and fill out a pair of Wrangler jeans like nobody’s business, but he is not ruining my chance at freedom.

I go to his family’s ranch to get his help, but instead discover something else. Could everything my parents taught me be wrong?

Unless I act fast, my quiet weekend will ruin my chance at freedom and wreck my heart faster than the flash of my camera.


Ginger had a freak accident that nearly killed her when she was in eighth grade. Now her parents are overbearing and treat her as if she can’t take care of herself. They run an organic food store called Ripe. They are very against antibiotics thinking that may have been the cause.

Ginger is trying to let her parents into having her stay at the dorms in college instead of staying at home. She ends up getting partnered with the school’s only cowboy, Ray. Her parents don’t like Ray. Though they don’t know him or how his ranch is ran, they decide that they aren’t going to like him.

While I liked Ray and Ginger to a point. Their story was cute. It wasn’t as great. I didn’t like Ginger’s parents. They seemed very ignorant when it comes to an actual farm and how animals are raised. They were also way to overbearing and it was quite annoying.

Any who, on to Zara’s book.

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