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Curvy Girls Can’t Date Quarterbacks by Kelsie Stelting

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 438
Series: The Curvy Girls Club #1
Genre: YA, High School, Football, Sports
Publish: July 31, 2020
Rating: 4 STARS


Curvy girls deserve happily ever afters too.

I’m a big girl, “plus-sized,” whatever. I’m sick of hearing about it, especially since my doctor diagnosed me with PCOS. So when Mean Girl Merritt shot her mouth off about how fat people should just lose weight, I couldn’t take it anymore.

And now I’ve got a huge problem. To prove curvy girls like me can get happily-ever-afters too, I have to get our school’s quarterback, Beckett Langley, to take me to homecoming. And he doesn’t know I even exist.

But it’s not hopeless. Four other girls just like me are willing to help, because enough is enough.

I will not lose this bet.


Curvy girls DO deserve happy-ever-afters.

Rory has Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome or better known as PCOS. On the day she finds out the mean girl makes comments about how big girls should just lose the weight (like it’s that easy) and then guys with hot looks would like them. Rory has heard enough and tells mean girl to shut it. Mean girl bets Rory to get Beckett (star quarterback) to like her and ask her to the dance. Rory takes the bet. With the help of four other girls who are like Rory, they make a master plan to win Beckett over and show everyone curvy girls do get happy endings.

I have never been a big girl but I’m not exactly small either. I like to prefer myself as a schmedium. Small medium. The one stuck in the middle. When I saw this book I thought why not? It would be good to read. Something new. Something different. In the past, the books I read with plus size gorgeously curvy girls was Alexa Riley. But I have sworn off on those stories.

I love the eternal struggle with Rory. I don’t think a single woman has gone through her life without being insecure about something, whether looks or brains. With the world so set on what the “perfect” woman should be it’s hard not to be insecure. So with Rory it was a nice change of pace. I didn’t like the mother though. She was basically fat-shaming her daughter. I know she redeems herself at the end but that doesn’t mean I like her.

I am going to move on to Jordon’s story. Can’t wait for girl from wrong side of tracks and boy from the right side.