Book Reviews

Heartbreak Café by A.R. Perry

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 322
Series: Stand alone
Genre: YA, High School
Published: March 10, 2019
Rating: 1.5 – 2 stars


Finish senior year by flying under the radar.
Maintain 4.0 GPA
Try not to kill boss
No boys. Period.
*Definitely don’t fall for Braden DiMarco’s charms… How hard can it be?

Stella Bellemore is about as interested in love as she is contracting the plague. She’s seen what can happen. At least once a week someone is getting dumped at the café she works at. And there might have been a not so little incident freshman year that almost destroyed her. That’s why she’s made a pact with herself to abstain from boys until she graduates college.

But the evil universe has other plans.

Her simple life of school, work, and her mother is about to be turned on its head when she’s forced into tutoring Braden DiMarco, resident serial dater and best friend to her ex-boyfriend AKA the devil himself.


See, funny story—well, funny depending on who you ask—the jocks at school have a habit of bringing their girlfriends here to dump. I’ve dubbed the place Heartbreak Café, but since the owner said it would be bad for business, he’s opted to keep the name he chose.


I want to be truthful upfront and say this book had a three star rating through most of the eye rolling plot until I read the end. The end ruined the book in my opinion. Also not a huge fan when the Lord’s name is taken in vain either. This is not exactly clean due to sexual references and cuss words.

This is the fair warning: SPOILERS!!!! Spoilers everywhere!

As for me. I’m short and chunky and so bitter that most days I find people hard to deal with let alone like them.


Stella doesn’t have the best outlook of herself due to her jerk of a boyfriend from freshman year had sex with her then took pictures and blasted them everywhere literally four minutes afterwards. Yikes. Then he torments her with snide comments throughout their high school careers.

On the first day of senior year Stella accidentally spills coffee on Braden who she had watched a day earlier dump his girlfriend publicly. After this it seems Braden is everywhere. Then she gets stuck tutoring him. Braden tries and tries to get closer to Stella, but after freshman year she doesn’t quite trust the guy. Especially since his best friend is her ex.

The plot was okay. The characters were okay, until the end. The end is where I have my biggest problem. So Jesse, aka Stella’s ex, planned a certain picture to make it seem like Stella cheated on Braden. Braden doesn’t even try to confront Stella or anything. Then Stella sees Braden with the girl he had dumped earlier in the book at the place she works which she call Heartbreak Café. They break up. Then Braden’s ex posts on social media stuff to make it look like she and Braden are back together.

Stella has every right to be angry at Braden. At the end of the book Braden comes to apologize and all that blah blah blah. But instead of flushing it out a bit more and having Braden and Stella ease back into a relationship or Braden grovel a bit more, Braden kisses Stella and she forgives him.

What in the crap is that? How ludicrous? Hence why the low rating of the book. I hate when things are written off so hunky dory like that. It makes the offense seem okay and that when a guy does that it’s okay to take him back in a heartbeat. Um no!

If I am the only one who thinks this that is fine by me. But seriously I wish authors wouldn’t do that.