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Dylan Ramirez is My Forbidden Boyfriend by Emily Lowry

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 220
Series: Rumors and Lies at Evermore High #3 (can be read as standalone)
Genre: YA, High School, Brother’s best friend
Publish: August 17, 2020
Rating: 3 stars


He’s her brother’s best friend. Which makes her the only girl entirely off limits to him. Until a summer of forbidden love threatens to change everything…

Jordyn Jones is a sassy tomboy sick of living in the shadow of her twin brother, the All Star Quarterback. All she wants is a summer job that will get her away from her constantly fighting parents.

Dylan Ramirez is a popular football star and serial dater who never gets serious with any girl. After his dad gets sick, Dylan and his brother are put in charge of the understaffed family restaurant for the summer.

When Dylan hires Jordyn, it seems like a simple way to solve their problems. But while working together, these lifelong friends fall for each other. Hard.

The problem? Dylan is best friends with Jordyn’s brother. And that makes Jordyn the only girl who is off limits.

After a midnight kiss leads to a secret relationship, Jordyn gives Dylan one condition: the relationship ends when summer does. They can never be together in the real world. But as their feelings grow deeper than they could have ever imagined, they wonder: was this really just a summer fling?

Dylan Ramirez is my Forbidden Boyfriend is the third Rumors and Lies at Evermore High book. Each novel can be read as a standalone or as part of the series. If you like YA sweet romance books filled with adorable dates, scandalous gossip, emotionally-charged relationships, and sassy characters, you’ll love Emily Lowry’s books.


This wasn’t bad. I liked Jordyn and Dylan but not as much as the other couples. I wasn’t quite as invested I guess.

Jordyn is trying to find a job for the summer to get out of her house and away from her parents fighting. Chase is going to a football summer camp, so he asks his best friend to watch over Jordyn by giving her a job at his dad’s restaurant.

Dylan and Jordyn have been friends for as long as they can remember. But there is the bro code. Don’t date your best friend’s sister.

I can’t really say much about this because like I said I wasn’t as invested and nothing really stood out from the relationship like the other two couples.

I might take a break from Evermore High and read something else to cleanse the palate.