Book Reviews

Puss in Boots by K.M. Shea

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 270
Series: Timeless Fairy Tales #6
Genre: Fairy-Tale retelling, YA, Clean Romance
Published: August 4th, 2015
Rating: 4.5 stars


Though she dreams of adventure, Gabrielle—a peasant girl—is given only a cat for her inheritance and is told she must marry, immediately. So when the cat, Puss, offers her a life of excitement in exchange for a pair of boots, Gabrielle jumps at the opportunity. Through Puss’s cunning and Gabrielle’s good deeds, they become celebrated heroes in small villages across the country.

Their adventurous life is complicated by Prince Steffen—a handsome prince who has a low opinion of love. He befriends Gabrielle and comes to grudgingly respect Puss as they work together to purge monsters and brigands from the countryside.

Disaster strikes when Steffen realizes his growing feelings for Gabrielle, and Puss and Gabrielle fight the evil ogre who rules the lands of Carabas. Can Gabrielle save Carabas? Will Steffen accept his feelings for her before it is too late?

Set in a world brimming with magic, monsters, fairies, and heroes, PUSS IN BOOTS is a retelling of the classic French fairy tale. It is part of TIMELESS FAIRY TALES. The books in this series take place in the same world and can be read all together, or as individual, stand-alone stories.


Oh, I love K.M. Shea’s writings. If anyone can get me out of a book slump it would be her. Her retellings are beautiful and I love how her fairy-tale world is all connected. In some shape and some form, you get snips of past books or future books in each book.

My favorite character has to be Puss. Oh, I am terribly sorry, Roland Archibald Whisperpaws the fifth. His relationship with Gabrielle is so cute and hilarious. Not to mention Prince Steffon and Gabi always jabbing at each other.

I loved this story. Can’t wait to get the next book.

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