Challenge: Disney Heroes 60 Days

I haven’t done a challenge in a long while so I though why not do a Disney challenge. If you would like to follow along you can. Let me know what you read in the comments below.

Starting Feb 20, 2020- Ending April 20, 2020


  • Every Category finished 5 pts
  • Every Subcategory finished 1 pt
  • Every 1000 pages 5pts
  • DNFs do not count
  • Mangas and comics do not count
  • Books must be minimum 150 pages



  • Cover is mostly orange– Firebolt by Adrienne Woods
  • Set in Africa
  • Has a prince
  • H and h known each other since childhood
  • Evil uncle
  • MC has a deceased parent

Snow White

  • An apple on the cover- Blood and Snow by RaShelle Workman
  • Heroine has black hair
  • Has a wicked stepmother
  • MC dies but comes back to life
  • Cover mostly white– Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
  • Has red lips on cover


  • Cover is mostly blue
  • Has a slipper/heel on the cover-
  • MC has step-siblings
  • Heroine marries a prince
  • Dress on cover
  • MC is a servant or a maid


  • MC has golden hair
  • Tower on the cover
  • Involves discovering inner self
  • Book has over 400 pages
  • Character gets kidnapped
  • Heroine falls in love with a bad boy


  • Spinning wheel on the cover
  • Blue cover
  • Pink cover
  • Dragon on cover
  • Story involves fairies
  • MC lives with a foster family


  • Beauty and Beast retelling
  • Heroine is a book worm
  • Set in France
  • MC has a library
  • Rose on the cover
  • Unrequited love


  • Deer on the cover
  • Involves a hunting scene– Frey by Melissa Wright
  • Mostly brown cover
  • Set in a forest
  • Involves shifters
  • Title starts with a B


  • MC is a mermaid/merman
  • MC has red hair
  • Heroine has a controlling father
  • Water on the cover
  • Featured near a beach
  • MC can sing


  • Tiger or monkey on cover
  • MC travels
  • Features a genie
  • Wish in the title
  • Set in the Middle East
  • MC uses an alias


  • Set in Louisiana
  • MC is a waitress
  • Frog on the cover
  • Kiss in title
  • MC plays an instrument
  • Features a sorcerer


  • MC has super powers
  • Set during winter
  • Queen in title
  • Love triangle
  • Snowman on cover
  • Reindeer on cover



  • Features Greek gods/goddesses
  • Involves underworld
  • MC is a golden boy
  • MC gets betrayed
  • Features magic
  • Fire on cover


  • MC orphaned
  • Umbrella on cover
  • Set in Britain
  • Ship on cover
  • Heroine’s name is Jane
  • Set in Victorian era


  • MC has three little brothers
  • Set in Scotland
  • MC is Scottish
  • MC or MC’s family is cursed
  • Bear on cover
  • Features a witch


  • Set in Hawaii
  • Set on an island
  • MC has tattoos
  • MC has no love interest
  • MC has a boat
  • MC goes on a journey

Total Points: 9

Total pages: 1022