Book Reviews

Twisted: The Girl Who Uncovered Rumplestilskin’s Name by Bonnie M Hennessy

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 306
Series: Stand-alone
Genre: Fantasy, Fairy Tale retelling
Published: Nov 11th, 2016
Rating: 3.5 stars


An old tale tells the story of how a little man named Rumpelstiltskin spun straw into gold and tricked a desperate girl into trading away her baby. But that’s not exactly how it happened.

The real story began with a drunken father who kept throwing money away on alcohol and women, while his daughter, Aoife, ran the family farm on her own. When he gambled away everything they owned to the Duke, it was up to her to spin straw into gold to win it all back.

With her wits and the help of a magical guardian, she outsmarted the Duke and saved the day.

Well almost…

Her guardian suddenly turned on Aoife and sent her on a quest to find his name, the clues to which were hidden deep in the woods, a moldy dungeon, and a dead woman’s chamber.

This is not the tale of a damsel in distress, but a tenacious, young woman who solved a mystery so great that not even the enchanted man who spun straw into gold could figure it out.

Not until Aoife came along.


A very different take on Rumplestilskin from the retellings I have read. I haven’t read much of Rumplestilskin’s original story. I need to because I don’t know how much different this is compared to the original.

Normally the retellings I read, the duke is a horrible man and the heroine normally falls in love with Rumplestilskin. Also, Rumplestilskin is a good looking man. In this story, he is ever so much the twisted body that I see in movies and shows as he is depicted.

I really thought this would go a different way than it had. But I still like the story. It kept me entertained. As the first retelling of the year, I found it nice to read through.

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