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Die, My Love (A Dark Horror Anthology)

My edition: Kindle (Owned)
Pages: 136
Series: Anthology
Genre: Dark
Publish: February 4th 2019
Rating: 4.5 stars


Soon you will learn your only salvation is with me. 
I am the only one who will protect and cherish you.
I am the only one who knows everything about you….
every movement, every breath, every thought…I own.

You are mine.

Be careful to obey me, my love.
For my protection will become possession.
My fascination an obsession. 
Love will bleed into hate at the slightest hint of betrayal. 

You are mine. 
You will learn your only salvation is with me…or pay the ultimate price.

Step into our web of lies, betrayal and murder. One tale twists into another in this macabre collection of horror. This is not a love story. This is what happens when love decays into mania


Holy twisted fuck!

Author’s note said to read stories in order. I’m putting this up just in case.

The Perfect Wife by Zoe Blake
Rating: 3 stars

We start in a room in the mind of Julia Boyd. She is in there for having a mental break down. We are introduced to Dr. Chaucer who is a horrid human being.

I liked the writing. It was like living in a crazy person’s mind. I think Zoe Blake did an amazing job.

The Connoisseur by Addison Cain

I haven’t read any works of Cain, this being my first. We are in the POV of Dr. Chaucer who is obsessed with a woman named Greta who he plans to make his wife, after he gets rid of her date.

Cain wrote the psychotic doctor well. I do love the psychos who are obsessed and will do anything to get what they desire.

Becoming by Celia Aaron
Rating: 5 stars

Of course Celia Aaron manages to mess with my head.

We follow Lucy, Greta’s best friend, who is obsessed with becoming Greta. This was a total mind blown.

My Bloody Valentine by Stevie J Cole
Rating: 5 stars

Another author who messes with my head. I have several Cole books and she manages to get psycho perfectly. This is no different.

So far the only connection this one has to the others is that the heroine if you want to call her that, is she is a nurse at the same asylum as Dr. Chaucer.

Fool for Love by Julia Sykes
Rating: 4 stars

We are through the eyes of Gwen who we get in the story before. She is trying to cope with a cheating asshole of a boyfriend and insecurities.

This one was going through a blind love that consumes a person, with a fatal ending.

Chilling Seduction by Jane Henry
Rating: 5 stars

This is the first time I have read Henry’s work. I love the tormented mind of Bradley. She wrote a perfect psycho who I couldn’t tell what was going on till the end.

All Wrapped up in a Bow by Ashleigh Giannoccaro
Rating: 4.5 stars

This is the perfect end that wraps up all the stories. My mind is fully blown.

Me being me!

TBR List

As I have mentioned in many posts this past month, that I have been reading my TBR from A-Z by author last name. Well I think I will change that.

I don’t know if I can last on that, so my new proposal/challenge to myself is reading books only on my TBR list. I can’t read anything else but the 836 books that are on my Goodreads list.

Now if I will make an exception on series. I don’t add a complete series to my TBR just in case I DNF the series. When I start a series I will finish the series unless I end up not liking it.

Wish me luck.

Book Reviews

Kicked by Celia Aaron

My edition: Kindle
Pages: 322
Series: Stand alone
Genre: Sports, Romance
Publish: July 28th 2016
Rating:5 stars


Trent Carrington.
Trent Mr. Perfect-Has-Everyone-Fooled Carrington.
He’s the star quarterback, university scholar, and happens to be the sexiest man I’ve ever seen. He shines at any angle, and especially under the Saturday night stadium lights where I watch him from the sidelines. But I know the real him, the one who broke my heart and pretended I didn’t exist for the past two years.
I’m the third-string kicker, the only woman on the team and nothing better than a mascot. Until I’m not. Until I get my chance to earn a full scholarship and join the team as first-string. The only way I’ll make the cut is to accept help from the one man I swore never to trust again. The problem is, with each stolen glance and lingering touch, I begin to realize that trusting Trent isn’t the problem. It’s that I can’t trust myself when I’m around him.

This is a full-length, sweet, hot, safe, standalone American football romance novel.


Well I officially have my very first five star review. (Seeing as how I don’t count my rereads.)

Sports romances are my weakness. I can’t deny a football romance especially. So as reading my TBR in author alphabetical order, and I’m still on Aaron and will be for sometime, this is a book I’ve had on it for a year or so.

The alpha male Trent is deliciously written. I want an order of one, per favor! I loved the heroine. She was a quick witted soccer player turned football player. The duo work well together.

I also love the fact that Aaron researched the mechanics on kicking. That’s the most important part in any book. The author doing research on the topic they are writing about. It’s really irritating when they don’t. (Reason why I don’t read many military hero books)

I think this is one of my favorites of the year so far. Has definitely made my list for best book of 2019.

On to the next one!