Book Reviews

The Prophet by Celia Aaron

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 300
Series: The Cloister Trilogy #2
Genre: Dark, NA, Romance
Publish: May 1, 2018
Rating: 4.5 stars


I can’t save myself from the Cloister, and maybe I never could. The Prophet grows more dangerous by the day. His delusions are steeped in blood, and if II’m not careful, that blood will be my own. Despite the growing risk, I still continue the search for the truth, no matter if the thorny path eventually twists back to Adam, guilt in his dark eyes. I’ve seen glimpses of his soul, and I know there is more to him than the monster, but it’s so hard to reach him. I knew when I came here that I’d have to fight, I just didn’t realize the war would be waged on so many fronts.

Author’s Note: If you have a trigger, this book will pull it. The Maiden is the first book of the Cloister Series.


Holy sheet!

We’re damned, all of us.

How do I explain what this did to me? I can’t process what happened in this book. I am on an emotional roller coaster, and I don’t think I will be getting off of it anytime soon.

Adam and Delilah had a few dark moments in this book, but I was wrong in my review on The Maiden. The dark is just about to begin.

No one quotes scripture better than the devil.

The Prophet really shows his true colors in this book. I thought he was psychotic in the first book but I was wrong yet again. And poor Noah had to keep finding out the hard way.

“He’s still a man. Still flawed. But yes, I believe he’s a prophet of the Lord. And that God and the Father of Fire are two sides of the same coin. He speaks to them.”

I hold the bottle up to him in a half-ass salute. “Well, at least you’re more fucked in the head than I am. I’ll drink to that.”

Adam tries again and again, but I am hoping that Noah sees clear after how this just ended. But sometimes, people just don’t want to see.

If my father’s taught me anything, it’s that true believers will hold onto their blind faith no matter what.

I am eating up this series. I like it more than her Acquisition series. I’m normally bias about it because it was the first series and book I ever read by Celia Aaron.

I’m going straight into The Church next. I need to know what happens from here.