Top 10 Tuesday: Dark Romances

I read Sinclair by Celia Aaron Saturday. I had forgotten how dark the series turned out to be. While thinking about this, I decided what my next Top 10 would be.

I use to not read dark romance because I was one of those readers who cared what people thought about what I was reading. Now I really don’t care. I have learned to accept that I like some fucked up stuff.

While talking about my top 10 I will be explaining what made the book/series dark. So,

Here is my Top Ten Dark Romances.

Warning: Due to the dark topics discussed it might trigger distress.  Read ahead with caution.

#10 Tangled Rose by Abby Weeks

This is the first book in The Darkness Trilogy. A series I haven’t completed yet and need to. The first book is about our heroine, Rose, is kidnapped by a motorcycle gang that is responsible for the death of her father. This book isn’t long and was fast to get through though not easy.

Rose is held captive in a hotel room for the first book. Waiting on what will happen to her, she is humiliated and raped while being strapped to a bed. She is even made to urinate on herself before she is raped by a man who she started having feelings for.

If this is just the first book, I can hardly imagine what the next two book will turn out.

#9 Doll House by John Hunt

Olivia is finally at university. She’s super excited and can’t wait to get started. On the first night while walking down the street she is taken by two men in masks of a gorilla and a jackal. She is then held in a pink cell. While one man (gorilla) rapes and tortures her, the other (jackal) stands and watches, then tends to her wounds once the former is finished.

Olivia deals with being cut, having appendages cut off, and rape. One day after five years, only the gorilla shows up. Olivia quickly outsmarts him by having him take off the mask and acting like she is enjoying his attention. She frees a few other women held there and they escape. Though the nightmare is not over. The jackal is still out there. And he wants his girls back.

#8 Fatal Hearts Trilogy by Dori Lavelle

Fatal Hearts series follows, Chloe, a woman who seems to have the perfect life. The perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect job, and the perfect fiance. Only one problem. Chloe has a dark secret from the past. When in high school she accidentally kills a boy with three of her friends. This boy came after Chloe, after she put out a newspaper article about his mother and a disease she had. The boy being angry with Chloe ran out in front of her car, thus Chloe hit him. Instead of calling for help, the girls cover up the killing.

Now Chloe starts to get threatening messages. At first she thinks it’s a prank, but as the messages keep coming and her old friends turn up dead, Chloe knows it’s someone who knows what happened.

Soon Chloe finds out that her fiance isn’t really who he says he is. Miles actually turns out to be Alvin, the boy she killed. This we find out in just the first book.

The second book Alvin has Chloe trapped on his yacht. He rapes and tortures Chloe. But we start learning that Alvin has a split personality. Miles is still in there. But Alvin is much stronger. The second book ends with Owen, Miles best friend, saving Chloe. The final book in the trilogy follows Owen and Chloe through an island jungle to get to Owen’s yacht while Alvin chases them.

#7 His Agenda series by Dori Lavelle

Another series by Lavelle. This has four books. A prequel then a trilogy.

Haley use to be a lady of the night. After a night with a rough client she wakes up with no memory of the night and covered in blood. Enter Jude who helps her clean up what happens and hides her till everything clears up. While in hiding Haley and Jude fall in love and get married. Everything is right in life. Till one day while eating out at a restaurant, Haley has an accident in which the waiter helps her. Once they get home Jude accuses Haley of flirting with the waiter and even hits her.

After that Jude is very apologetic. He tells her when he can that he loves her and dotes on her to the point it starts to suffocate Haley. As Haley pulls away from Jude the more of a monster he becomes. He rapes Haley and humiliates her. At one point Jude urinates on Haley after he rapes her.

Haley tries to get away but Jude finds her and brings her right back. Jude ends up having a business man over which Haley sneaks into the back of his car. It turns out that the business man is Haley’s high school sweetheart, Dustin.

For the next two books Jude hunts Haley down. She will not escape him.

#6 Chapter 8 by Ella Dominguez

This duet really messed with my mind. But Jay why isn’t it number 1? Because there are others that took my mind to complete dark and utterly ruined it. That’s why.

Elsa wasn’t the best character. Actually I was bored with Elsa, but Victor/ Mr. Black who has made it to a Top 10 before was the sole point of me finishing the duet.

Victor had his heart crushed by a woman. Now he doesn’t let anyone close and he has chapters. Victor is a crime profiler. But during his down time he thinks he’s helping his chapters on being stronger by breaking them over and over.

Victor pushes his chapters to the limit. The main chapter we read is Chapter 8, Elsa. We find out about the other chapters when Elsa copies Mr Black’s book. Through pleasure, pain, humiliation and even a bit of torture, Mr. Black royally messes with not only Elsa’s mind but our own as well.

#5 Gypsy Brothers by Lili St. Germain

The men from this book and the heroine made the Wet Wednesday and That Girl Thursday.

Juliette was raped and left for dead at the age of fifteen. She was gang raped by a man who was like a father to her and his sons. She ends up getting plastic surgery and coming back to destroy the brothers and their father six years later.

Juliette changes her name to Sammi. As Sammi, she has an intimate relationship with Dornan and slowly starts to kill his sons one by one. Dornan finds her out, locks her in a dungeon, tortures and rapes her. He then decides to keep her to get pregnant to replace the sons she had taken from him.

With the help of the youngest son, Juliette kills Dornan and has a some what HEA.

#4 Snow and Seven Huntsmen by Zoe Blake

This was a different kind of retelling. Instead of dwarves Snow has the huntsmen. Only she’s not willing. The huntsmen are suppose to kill Snow, but they want her all to themselves.

While there wasn’t much on the story, the huntsmen force Snow to cook, clean, and pleasure them. Not the cute story we have grown to know.

#3 Acquisition series by Celia Aaron

Of course a book that made me want to start this top 10 has to make it on the top 10.

The Acquisition series follows Stella who ends up being in the clutches of Sinclair Vinemont. The Acquisition is a dark game played by Lousiana royalty. Anyone who is money comes to watch the Acquisition. Three of the top families chosen by the current Sovereign compete to be in control of the royalty every ten years. Sinclair chooses Stella as his acquired. Stella agrees to help him to help out her father. But Stella doesn’t know if she can make it without getting her heart hurt by Sin.

The first trial of three Stella has to strip down and walk naked around a ball. She is then chained to a tree to be whipped for entertainment along with the other two acquired.

Trial two is at Christmas, in which the three are hunted down by the royalty. Who ever makes it to a certain time doesn’t suffer what would happen to them if caught. If caught they are at the whims of their captor. Stella luckily is caught by Sin, who is by this time falling for Stella. Even his brothers are falling for Stella.

Trial three is a gladiatorial fight. Though not to the death, but if it happens no hard feelings. Stella ends up winning and helping Sin become Sovereign which they turn around locking the doors and burning everyone alive.

#2 End of Eden by S.L. Jennings

While the whole series is dark, I chose one book out of the series because this is how dark we get to see Lucifer. I still think Eden should have ended up with Lucifer.

Lucifer takes Eden down to hell to protect her from his angel brother and to make Eden queen. While they don’t end up having any romantic relations in this book, Lucifer shows Eden what hell is like. With torture shows at dinner, Eden sits through it all having to look bored and unfazed.

Though during all this Lucifer treated her like a queen even when she challenged him. He put her in her place but continued to treat her like the Queen of Hell he hoped she would be.

#1 Oedipus Rex by Sophocles

I don’t care what you say this is still a dark romance while being a tragedy. Oedipus does fall in love with his mother without knowing. He even killed his father.

But before that happens a prophecy is told to his birth parents and they send him to his death. A couple find him and raise him as their own with out Oedipus knowing he really isn’t theirs.

While on a trip he ends up killing his father. He then comes to his original home city. He falls in love with his mother who he doesn’t know is his mother and she doesn’t know it’s her son and has a couple kids with her.

At the end they find out the truth. His mother commits suicide and Oedipus stabs out his eyes with broaches from her dress.

What’s the darkest romance you’ve read?

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