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Closet Full of Bones by A.J. Aalto

My edition: Kindle Owned
Pages: 234
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Thriller
Publish: May 30th 2017 by Pixiegrind Ink Publishing
Rating: DNF @ 19%


Ever since they were children, Gillian Hearth has been her sister Frankie’s guardian, her sounding board, and her best friend. Together, the Hearth sisters quietly bury their secrets and form a formidable team during any crisis. Purchasing the old Blymhill house with the hopes of turning it into an artists’ retreat, the sisters are finally living their dream. But when Frankie’s stable ground is rattled by a vengeful ex-boyfriend, an unstable friend from the past shows up unannounced with delusions of intimacy, and a cold case cop starts sniffing around their door, the sisters are forced to wonder how far they will go to keep their secrets safe.

Gillian discovers that, this time, her fight is about to land her in the crosshairs of a dangerous predator who will use any means necessary to remove her from the equation. With everything she holds dear under threat, Gillian battles to keep her head above water and her skeletons in the closet.


The story follows two sisters, Gillian and Frankie, and the people around them. Frankie is dealing with a bad break-up. The man, Travis, is stalking Frankie, sending her text messages every two seconds, and making Frankie really stressed out.

Frankie hires a private investigator (instead of going to the police) to look up on Travis Freeman. To describe Travis I would say he reminds of that one redneck that has a lifted truck (the kind that signals a pencil dick/small dick), skinny from smoking/ chewing way to much or just because the dude for some reason can’t gain a pound, and he has to make everyone know that he’s Mr. Billy Badass. That is how I would describe Travis.

Frankie is quite the idiot. She is described as being so soft that when some one stubs their toe, she cries with them. No seriously that is what the books said.

If someone stubbed their toe, Frankie’s eyes would well up before their would.

Not the kind of heroine you want to read about. At least I don’t want to read about.

There were decisions both Frankie and Gillian made that I thought were bad. Like hiring a private investigator instead of going to the police. Not blocking Travis’s number. Gillian tends to make big decisions for Frankie. Frankie is more likely soft because of this. She didn’t think of dumping Travis till Gillian put it in her head to get out of the toxic relationship. I don’t know about you but that shows how stupid Frankie is to me.

The are people out there that five star rated, four star rated. Some people said the beginning was a hook then it gets unrealistic in the end. I think it’s unrealistic to the point I’m reading. The chapter before I stopped reading was Frankie stressing about Travis. Then the next chapter she’s fine and flirting with another guy on the phone. It didn’t seem believable to me when a girl is coming out of that toxic of a relationship, stressing because the guy won’t leave her alone, then she does a 180 and be flirting with another guy. But what do I know.