Wet Wednesday

Wet Wednesday: Jorg Prince of Thorns

Hello everyone, hope the week is going well. If not, hey it’s halfway over.

For those who are new, this little piece is where I talk about the heroes in a book I finished last week.

This week we will be talking about Prince Jorg from the Prince of Thorns. Review here. As we will be talking about what happens in the book,

Prince Jorg Ancrath

In the story we arrive upon Jorg pillaging a town. He is a boy of fourteen years. He’s already a murderer, a rapist, and a complete psychopath.

Jorg wants revenge for his mother and little brother’s deaths. When his father doesn’t avenge them, he sneaks away with a band of ruffians to do it himself. Fast forward four years later and he still hasn’t avenged their deaths. But we learn later that he was under a spell to make him stay clear of the Count who was responsible.

Jorg ends up going back to the castle he grew up in, where his father is with new bride heavy with child. The king sends Jorg on a suicide mission but Jorg has other plans. He does the mission and completes it. Coming back with fewer men than he set out upon.

Throughout the story Jorg never stops being the little psycho playing a game of war. A game in which he plans to win.

Such an evil little boy!

I wonder what he is going to be like in King of Thorns.

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