Looking Forward: 1/20-26/2019

Hope everyone had a great weekend! We didn’t get any of the big snow that was predicted, which is a bit sad because I love snow.

I did get one book done over the weekend. It turned out to be a busier weekend than I thought. But here is the updates and what’s to come.

Bible challenge

I am a bit behind on this. I didn’t do any of my reading over the weekend so I need to catch up. I have to finish Genesis and begin Exodus, then read in Matthew to chapter 16. I think I am on chapter 12 or 13.

Books read over the weekend

I only read one which was Allison’s Adventures in Underland. (Review is up.) This is the first in a reverse harem trilogy. I liked the story except a couple details which I discuss in length in my review. I did start the second book but didn’t finish it.

Happening this week

I don’t have much going on this week till Thursday, which is Wy’s birthday. I plan on finishing the Harem of Hearts. After that I have two other books to start. One a reread (#Selfie) and the other a continuation of a book series I have started (Starlight Gods).

On Wet Wednesday I will talk about Jorg in the Prince of Thorns. Unfortunately there really isn’t a heroine in this book so I will use Allison from Harem of Hearts for That Girl Thursday.

Top Tuesday will be Top 10 Authors I plan to read this year. I am halfway through writing the post now. I need to finish it, edit it, and of course schedule it to publish tomorrow morning.

Have an awesome week.

As of right now nothing else is planned. Should be a slow week. I don’t know how much I will read but I have my goals set. Let’s hope I reach them.

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