Wet Wednesday

Wet Wednesday: Gypsy Brothers

Hey y’all welcome to Wet Wednesday. The corner where I will talk about hero/heroes/anti-heroes from the week before’s reading. If I had finished Prince of Thorns, little Jorg would be it this week. I didn’t though I do have it close to done.

This week it will be three men. Elliott, Dornan, and Jase from the Gypsy Brothers by Lili St. Germain. Click here to see my review of the full series.

What do these men have in common? Juliette (Julz) and one fateful night six years ago.

Fair warning we will be talking about the men and the story that enfolds so here we go.


The man that starts it all. He orders his sons to torture and rape fifteen year old Juliette. When she was in the hospital Dornan orders for her death. All this happens because her father fell in love with Dornan’s girlfriend at the time and planned to take Juliette and Jase with them far away.

Six years later and a few surgeries later Juliette resurfaces as Sammi and plans revenge against Dornan and his six sons.

Dornan sees her walk in to his office and has sex with her. He immediately wants to keep her for his own. Which he does. Sammi stays with him while she plots and kills his sons off one by one till she gets caught right when she tries to end all of their lives except Jase.

During the time before she gets caught we see a somewhat soft side with Dornan. He truly likes Sammi. Though during this time he does show his psycho tendencies. Much like when he stabbed her in the leg. Dornan is in control and he makes sure she knows it.

After she is caught, Dornan keeps her locked down in a basement for three months torturing her.

Though during all of this Dornan has a certain air about him that just made me fall in love with his abusive ass.


Elliott is the cop who showed up in the hospital that night. He smuggled Juliette out and took her to his grandmother’s in Nebraska. Elliott gives up his life as a cop to live with his grandma and Julz. He falls in love with Julz but after three years and many saving Julz from suicides later, he goes back to LA.

He wants to get revenge on the MC but as he is about to make it happen his ex calls him up to let him know she is pregnant. So he sets up tattooing to support his daughter. He ends up finding out Julz is back when she comes in the shop to cover up her scars from that night. He helps her throughout the book and ends up with his ex and daughter as they try to start over from the hell Dornan put them through.

I always thought Elliott was way to good for Julz.


Oh finally the lover boy. Julz first love and last.

Jase was forced to join the MC. After three years of psychological torture from his father and three more years of keeping low and getting in close with his father and brothers, in walks this bimbo barbie who his father is suddenly fraternized with. He is suspicious of Sammi till he finds out it’s Julz. The girl he loved and tried to stop her brutal gang rape that fateful night. The girl he thought died.

He thinks Julz needs to give up revenge but ends up having to try to find her and save her from Dornan.

Jase has a darker side to him that was there but wasn’t molded till the three years of torture from his father.

While he has this darkness he is not his father and ends up being better. He has a HEA with Julz.

The only one who wasn’t a dark person was Elliott

Even with Elliott being the ideal man out of the three, I still couldn’t help but love Dornan after the six years. I’m fucked in the head what can I say.

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