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Top 10 Tuesday: Drool Worthy Male Characters of 2018

I haven’t done one of these in a while. Maybe same time last year. I need to do more. So what better way to start the first one of the year with male characters that made me drool over the course of 2018.

The men on this list are from the books I personally read instead of any new books that came out in 2018. Reminder I said drool worthy, not book boyfriend. These men are book boyfriend material for some but for me not so much, I’ll be standing in the corner drooling instead. The men may have done things that make them not qualify for book boyfriend. As warning I will be talking about male characters and what made them drool worthy so there will be spoilers.

#10 Volker/der Mittenachtsjager (Midnight Hunter by Brianna Hale

Volker is on East Berlin and he has caught a woman who was trying to escape to West Berlin. She catches his eye and he holds her captive. In the end he gives up his position and comfortable home so they could be together in the end without the pressure of East Berlin breathing down their back.

#9 Victor/ Mr. Black (Chapter 8 duet by Ella Dominguez)

Victor plans chapters in his life. He lets them willingly sign a contract that allows him to abuse them in anyway he sees fit. But chapter 8 ends up being someone he didn’t plan on finding out about him and being to stubborn to care on how much he humiliates her.

While he is an abusive asshole we can’t help but love his twisted dark side and how it came about from a woman who ended up shredding his heart in the process.

#8 Trey Coleman (Feral Sins by Suzanne Wright)

Trey doesn’t want a mate. So when he hears that Taryn needs out of a arranged mating he strikes a bargain with her. Only they do turn out to be true mates.

Trey can turn feral and it’s not pretty. But in the end he will protect Taryn who is ever bit alpha as he is.

#7 Charles Cornick (Alpha &Omega series by Patricia Briggs)

Charles is his father’s enforcer. He doesn’t ask questions and knows if his father needs him, then it’s important. When he meets his mate Anna, he finds out she was forced into turning and has endured torture from her former alpha. An alpha who Charles kills. He waits patiently for Anna to make the first move so not to spook her or make her feel forced into something she is not fully ready.

#6 Ivan Lukov (From Lukov With Love by Mariana Zapata)

Ivan and Jasmine have been in at each others throats since they were little. Ivan secretly has always liked Jasmine. Jasmine thinks she has always hated Ivan and the same as he felt to her. At the end they finally get together and Jasmine realizes Ivan wanted her to be the best she could be since the beginning.

Ivan doesn’t have the best communication but no matter what he’ll be there for Jasmine.

#5 Jake Dunn (The Dark Light of Day by T.M. Frazier)

If you have read the King series by this author, you know of Jake and Abby Dunn. This is their story.

Jake is such dark perfection. His and Abby’s story is one of my favorites from Frazier.

Only thing that made me not have Jake on book boyfriend is the fact he didn’t listen to Abby about her being raped. He heard from someone else that she was with another guy and immediately he believed. Bad Jakey.

#4 Nikolai Kotova (Amour, Amour by Krista and Becca Ritchie)

Nikolai is Russian, speaks Russian, takes care of his siblings in place of his parents, and is a lead acrobat in Las Vegas.

He meets our heroine in a night club the night before she auditions for the show he is in.

Though Thora does not make the show he helps her with her training to become better so she may audition again. While this is happening, a relationship between the two blossom. By the end when her audition comes up, Nikolai makes Thora promise him that no matter what she will put her dream before him.

#3 Liam Mattison (The BearPaw Resort series by Cambria Herbert)

I love Herbert’s writing. Hashtag series will be my forever favorite. So once I saw her with a new series out, I had to try it.

The BearPaw Resort is the closest I have fallen in love with characters since the Hashtag series. What’s even better is that she wrote a cross over novella called #Vacay. Haven’t read it yet but it is on the list for this year.

Liam’s dad runs the BearPaw Resort. When he was sixteen/seventeen he met the girl of his dreams only to have his heartbroken. Eight years later Bellamy shows up and is in big trouble.

Not once did anything Bellamy did or said deterred him from making sure she didn’t leave without a trace once again. Even if the meant taking on an avalanche to save her from mob men.

#2 Joe Goldberg (You by Caroline Kepners)

Speaking of this I heard there is a TV show out now. I don’t know if I will watch it.

Joe makes the list because of how well written he is. Our lovely little psycho stalker made me want him to be with someone else. I thought he could do better, hell he even did better with a nurse if I remember correct. But no our man had to be obsessed over one of the most self centered, manipulative women I had the pleasure to read about last year.

Even while Joe does one horrible thing after another to try to win the attentions of Beck, I couldn’t help but feel for the guy. He knew she had flaws. Pointed them out but still he obsessed with her.

Poor Joe.

#1 Lucifer (Se7en Sinners series by S.L Jennings)

Lucifer… Lucifer… Lucifer…

Lucifer is the only one on this list who isn’t a hero/anti-hero of the story.

This series was a total roller coaster for me. I personally think Eden should have ended up with Lucifer not Legion.

During the series Lucifer has his loving moments but that doesn’t stop him from being what he is, the devil. He takes no shame and he does not hide his cruel side from Eden. He is one of my favorite portals of the devil character in books/movies. (a list I might make later)

The fourth and final book in the series made me question myself because like Eden the feels were there.

How his story ended makes me wonder if there will be a spin off.

Who was drool worthy for you?

This year already seems like it might be more of a reread year but I have read a few new books. We’ll see what the rest of it takes us.

Happy reading.

What topic would you like to see next week?