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Dark Wish by Yumoyori Wilson, Arizona Tape

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 304
Series: Starlight Gods #1
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy
Publish: September 8th2017
Rating: 5 stars


What do you get when you add free and dumb? 

My name is Makoto Heart and I’ve always wished for a chance at freedom. Every day, I prayed before the Starlight gods, asking for their divine assistance in accomplishing such a difficult task. 

Being an experiment for as long as I can remember, my hopes of obtaining freedom have diminished, drastically. The disappointment haunted me, as myself and my spirits struggled to survive. I had no hope left, believing my final plea fell upon deaf ears, yet again. 

But what happens when my prayers are finally answered? I’m thrust into fulfilling a destiny, with the help of six star knights. Suddenly, I am no longer experiment 555, but the stolen princess of Heila. 

Freedom, how you have teased my troubled soul. May the Starlight gods guide me and my knights, on this path towards the unknown. 

~In Stars We Trust~ 

Dark Wish is an extraordinary new paranormal reverse harem series. 
Recommended for 18+ audience, containing mature sexual content and strong language. 


Ever have a book you look at thinking, I’m not going to like this, but you give it a shot anyway? Well I had that with this book. It was brought to my attention by Felicia who BR with me. She finished it before I did and loved it. I, even though Felicia and I have similar tastes and ratings, was still debating on this book. Finally I said enough to myself, cracked it open only to surprise myself.

I deserved a pat on the back for my honourable attempt to battle such menacing demons called sleep. You may have won this battle, but I would end up victorious… tomorrow.

I am such a dumbass to ever doubt this book. First there is a glossary, a list of the realms and the Starlight Gods associated to them, then finally a ranking system for the Knightwood school. Following it is a brief history of how the realms, humans, and shifters were created. My inner fangirl literally screamed in all excitement.

Operation, become a badass bitch. Complete

Makoto doesn’t remember her life before six cycles (six years) old. All she knows is the Owner and his facility where she is experimented on with other shifters. At twenty-two cycles she is rescued by four men (Ryder, Marcus, Daniel, and Elias). Makoto is unlike other shifters. She has four spirits (Extremely rare) has an addiction to milk, and tends to say her thoughts out loud.

Nope. I’m fine and dandy, thank you very much. I walked through the valley of the shadows of death. I fear no evil… from those unicorn beasts.

Make way for the queen of the unicorns.

She also has a tendency to make no sense when she is tired and worn out. But it causes for major entertainment.

Why should I, they aren’t real? Pricking a finger on a spindle or being locked in a tower would have been a walk in the park compared to wasting away in some desolated facility; cut off from the outside world to be vigorously tortured every day, before you can have a meal, all to satisfy the person you’ve been forced to serve. I’d like to see one of those princess’ try to survive a day at the facility, with their puffy dressed and glass slippers.

Why not have a princess who can fight for herself and not rely on some weak prince who could barely last ten minutes in battle?

Mako fully believes in “if you can’t save yourself what good are you” philosophy.

We all have out inner demons. It comes down to whether you succumb to them or fight to become victorious.

Mako isn’t the only one with a bad past. All of the boys have a past that none of them want to talk about. When in their POVs we get tidbits of their pasts but not the full story.

Each guy wants to protect Mako with their lives while trying to understand that Mako is not helpless. Which they are finding out it’s more of a turn on then the girls who they go to school with who just want a rich husband to save them from life.

I heard the timer bee, informing me the bacon was ready. I moved my attention back to the dual oven, opening it, revealing the intoxicating, orgasm inducing, smell of heaven crashing into my nose.

I, in my entire twenty-five years, could not come up with a better description of the smell of bacon. Thank you for this Wilson. Thank you so much.

The ending had me on edge. Did not see it coming. I will read the second book but not right away though I have it and book three on my kindle. I will probably get to them after the first of the year.

I can’t wait to see what the story holds for Mako and her guys.

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