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Dark Wish by Yumoyori Wilson, Arizona Tape

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 304
Series: Starlight Gods #1
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy
Publish: September 8th2017
Rating: 5 stars


What do you get when you add free and dumb? 

My name is Makoto Heart and I’ve always wished for a chance at freedom. Every day, I prayed before the Starlight gods, asking for their divine assistance in accomplishing such a difficult task. 

Being an experiment for as long as I can remember, my hopes of obtaining freedom have diminished, drastically. The disappointment haunted me, as myself and my spirits struggled to survive. I had no hope left, believing my final plea fell upon deaf ears, yet again. 

But what happens when my prayers are finally answered? I’m thrust into fulfilling a destiny, with the help of six star knights. Suddenly, I am no longer experiment 555, but the stolen princess of Heila. 

Freedom, how you have teased my troubled soul. May the Starlight gods guide me and my knights, on this path towards the unknown. 

~In Stars We Trust~ 

Dark Wish is an extraordinary new paranormal reverse harem series. 
Recommended for 18+ audience, containing mature sexual content and strong language. 


Ever have a book you look at thinking, I’m not going to like this, but you give it a shot anyway? Well I had that with this book. It was brought to my attention by Felicia who BR with me. She finished it before I did and loved it. I, even though Felicia and I have similar tastes and ratings, was still debating on this book. Finally I said enough to myself, cracked it open only to surprise myself.

I deserved a pat on the back for my honourable attempt to battle such menacing demons called sleep. You may have won this battle, but I would end up victorious… tomorrow.

I am such a dumbass to ever doubt this book. First there is a glossary, a list of the realms and the Starlight Gods associated to them, then finally a ranking system for the Knightwood school. Following it is a brief history of how the realms, humans, and shifters were created. My inner fangirl literally screamed in all excitement.

Operation, become a badass bitch. Complete

Makoto doesn’t remember her life before six cycles (six years) old. All she knows is the Owner and his facility where she is experimented on with other shifters. At twenty-two cycles she is rescued by four men (Ryder, Marcus, Daniel, and Elias). Makoto is unlike other shifters. She has four spirits (Extremely rare) has an addiction to milk, and tends to say her thoughts out loud.

Nope. I’m fine and dandy, thank you very much. I walked through the valley of the shadows of death. I fear no evil… from those unicorn beasts.

Make way for the queen of the unicorns.

She also has a tendency to make no sense when she is tired and worn out. But it causes for major entertainment.

Why should I, they aren’t real? Pricking a finger on a spindle or being locked in a tower would have been a walk in the park compared to wasting away in some desolated facility; cut off from the outside world to be vigorously tortured every day, before you can have a meal, all to satisfy the person you’ve been forced to serve. I’d like to see one of those princess’ try to survive a day at the facility, with their puffy dressed and glass slippers.

Why not have a princess who can fight for herself and not rely on some weak prince who could barely last ten minutes in battle?

Mako fully believes in “if you can’t save yourself what good are you” philosophy.

We all have out inner demons. It comes down to whether you succumb to them or fight to become victorious.

Mako isn’t the only one with a bad past. All of the boys have a past that none of them want to talk about. When in their POVs we get tidbits of their pasts but not the full story.

Each guy wants to protect Mako with their lives while trying to understand that Mako is not helpless. Which they are finding out it’s more of a turn on then the girls who they go to school with who just want a rich husband to save them from life.

I heard the timer bee, informing me the bacon was ready. I moved my attention back to the dual oven, opening it, revealing the intoxicating, orgasm inducing, smell of heaven crashing into my nose.

I, in my entire twenty-five years, could not come up with a better description of the smell of bacon. Thank you for this Wilson. Thank you so much.

The ending had me on edge. Did not see it coming. I will read the second book but not right away though I have it and book three on my kindle. I will probably get to them after the first of the year.

I can’t wait to see what the story holds for Mako and her guys.

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Charmed and Dangerous by Debbie Herbert

My edition:Kindle
Pages: 263
Series: Appalachian Magic #1
Genre: Fantasy, Magic
Publish: January 20th 2016
Rating: No rating


Apples and oranges, dogs and cats, everybody knows witches and immortals don’t mix.

A young witch, Callie, returns home from exile after a traumatic Ouija board incident seven years earlier. She falls for classmate James MacLauren and struggles to keep her magical abilities a secret from him. Then there’s the even trickier problem that her rogue warlock father and his coven will kill anyone who prevents Callie from joining them in dark magic. Someone like James . . . 

But James has a secret of his own. He’s part of a hidden race of immortals living in the Appalachian hollows and the last thing he needs in his life is a witch who could imprison him with a binding spell. 

But it will take all of his superhuman physical strength, and all of Callie’s extraordinary magical skills, to survive when two covens and an army of immortals engage in battle. Should they fail, they face either death or utter domination by the power of dark magic. 

**This is a complete novel at approximately 76,000 words**


DNF @ 24%

I promised I wouldn’t DNF this but I had to due to the lack of caring.

I couldn’t connect with the characters. The heroine is suppose to be nineteen and in a junior college. What it really read like was the heroine is seventeen and still in high school.

I can’t tell if this was suppose to be YA or NA. I tried to stay interested but when the other book I’m reading had a better plot story in the first 6% than this did in the total of all I read, got a problem. I don’t mean to say that as cruel just saying how bored I was.

This may have worked for someone but not for me.

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Bound by L.J. Swallow

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 170
Series: The Four Horsemen #2
Genre: Fantasy, Reverse Harem
Publish: September 11th 2017
Rating: 3 stars


What happens when you discover Truth is a lie?

Ewan’s shock revelation sends Vee’s life further into chaos, and she faces an uncertain future in a secret world she never knew existed.

Vee joins the Four Horsemen’s hunt for those behind the plot to murder a fae queen, where she discovers society faces bigger dangers than she realised.

One night changes everything and increases Vee’s determination to harness her power and step into her new role.

The Four Horsemen now have their missing link and will each do anything to protect and support her, but Vee’s determined to show them she can be their equal.

The group are about to find out exactly how powerful Truth is.


Once again this took a little while to take off. Though more happened in this book I was still bored. I still haven’t felt connected to the characters.

The ending does make me curious on what happens later on but as of right now I think I will put the series on hold till I get a few books out of my system.

Hopefully with the ending of this book it means the third book will get better.

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Legacy by L.J. Swallow

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 133
Series: The Four Horsemen #1
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy
Publish: August 9th, 2017
Rating: 3 stars


What’s worse than being pursued by the Four Horsemen?
Discovering you’re the Fifth.

Verity Jameson’s day switches from mundane to disastrous when she runs down a stranger with her car. Fortunately for Vee, she can’t kill Death.

Death, who just happens to be one of the Four Horsemen, and he’s looking for her.

The Four Horsemen spend life preventing the end of the world, not bringing on an apocalypse. As gatekeepers of the portals which exist between the human world and other realms, the team fight to keep the portals closed and the supernatural forces under control. Without their fifth member, the Four Horsemen are losing the battle.

Now they’ve found Verity and what they tell her goes far beyond the conspiracy theories Vee spends her free time investigating.

A new life with four dark, sexy and dangerous men fighting demons, vampires and fae? Not what Vee had planned, but a hell of a lot more interesting than her boring job in tech support.
So what happens when the unbreakable bond of the Five takes control in a way none of them expected? 
The Four Horsemen: Legacy is the first novella in an exciting new paranormal REVERSE HAREM series f rom USA Today bestselling author, LJ Swallow. 


This was a slow start. Didn’t really seem to pick up till the end. I just felt like it took forever to get through this even though the page count isn’t long.

So far I’m still confused on what’s happening. I thought I would like the heroine at first but then she turned boring. I haven’t connected with the guys yet. I am hoping in the second book I will be able to find out more and connect better.

If not I don’t know if I will continue with the series. It depends on what happens in the end of the second book.

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Shadow of Thorns by Ripley Proserpina

My edition: Kindle unlimited
Pages: 256
Series: Midnight’s Crown #2
Genre: Reverse Harem, Vampire
Publish: February 27th 2018
Rating: 3 stars


Secrets can’t hide in daylight… 

Hudson, Valen, Sylvain, and Marcus revealed their secret to Briar Hale, and she astonished them. 

The four vampires hadn’t expected her to handle their revelation so easily, but Briar is a scientist and recognizes there are all manner of creatures in the world—some benign, some predatory, and some, like the brothers’ maker, pure evil. 

Caught in Asher’s sights, Briar fights not only to stay alive, but to stay sane. Asher is in her head, whispering doubts and bringing to light her vampires’ hidden pasts. He shows her everything—every bloody, terrible, heart-wrenching moment. 

But she is stronger than Asher and the horrors stalking her vampires. Briar loves them, and she won’t give them up, nor will she let them give up on each other. 

With war on the horizon, Briar, Hudson, Valen, Sylvain, and Marcus will have to fight Asher and the secrets threatening to rise up and destroy them. 

***Shadow of Thorns is the second book in the Midnight’s Crown Trilogy.***


I was debating if I should put 2 stars or 3 but I did like how the author is using science to explain supernatural so 3 stars. It’s original and fresh. I don’t like how long it took for something exciting to happen in the book.

I wanted to put this down so many times but since it’s a BR and Felicia said it would get better I marched on. It did get better but not till around 75%ish range. That’s too long.

Due to the ending I have to read the third book. Though I’m not sure how I feel about the Asher situation.

P.S. If you suck at pronunciation like me, the dictionary app is amazeballs.

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Wings of Dragca by G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 230
Series: Protected by Dragons #5 Final Installment
Genre: Fantasy, Reverse Harem
Publish: November 16th, 2018
Rating: 4 stars


Death or the throne? Queen or survivor? 

Isola and her dragon guards are shaken after the events that forced them into hiding in Dragca Academy. 
With the queen of the supernaturals on earth offering Isola, and what is left of her people, a permanent home…will Isola leave Dragca to save the dragon she loves? 
Or will the last dragon Ice queen rise…and kill her enemy, even if means losing her heart? 

Death has always been a curse on Dragca, and someone has to pay the price of fate…

The final book in the internationally bestselling Protected by Dragons series. 
18+ RH.


Well that was a good end.

I really was curious on if G. Bailey was going to live or die. And I got my answer. I was just surprised on how I got it.

The crossover still happens in this one as well. Through most of the book Winter and her mates are in it.

I wonder if there will be another book out on Winter and Isola’s kids because it looked like there was promise.

Now if you excuse me I have to unfortunately return to the real world to pick up my other book and disappear into the bookverse again.

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Wings of Fate by G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Edition
Pages: 220
Series: Protected by Dragons #4
Genre: Fantasy, Reverse Harem
Publish: August 24th 2018
Rating: 4 stars


Two worlds and only one light left to save them both…

With one of her dragon guards left in Dragca, and Isola trapped on Earth, everything is spinning out of control.

Isola fights to overcome her memories of Earth, as she discovers more hidden secrets than she could have ever imagined.

Curses have been broken, but so have minds and hearts as the war for Dragca continues…


There is a crossover!! I love when authors do crossovers into their other series. Makes my fangirl happy.

When I found out more about Isola’s dad it made me hate him even more. I thought earlier he was just a distant father due to losing the love of his life but no he’s a full blown asshole. The way he treated the people of Dragca is horrible.

Now Dagan I don’t see as an alpha. Nope I fully think that’s Elias job.

The ending was a bit lack luster. I didn’t really feel like I needed the next book but I’m still going to read the final book. I think the main reason why I didn’t like the ending is because it was predictable. I mean hello there’s another book of course it’s not going to end with her killing ice bitch. Hence called because I can’t remember how to spell her name.

So now on to the final book to see the HEA. But I am curious to see if she can kill off one of the guys or if they all live HEA.

Me being me!

What the hell is going on in music?

So this isn’t book related as you can tell by the title. Last night after I had to take a break from Frostbite to do that horrible pesky deal called sleep Wy and I watched a few Youtube videos. 

He was looking up music while I did my research on a few new movies that I seriously need to sit down and put reviews up. Wy showed me a few that he videos that he’s found and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. 

Now what comes next is my opinion. I’m not well versed into reviewing music but I had to say something to someone.

What is going on with music today?

Apparently there are what they call “soundcloud rappers” but Wy and a few others call mumble rappers. Either way the songs are shit. They have literally no meaning. So we deviled further into music of today’s generation and found it lacking what music use to be. How these people are getting famous I have no idea. Plus most musicians now suck without auto tune. 


I guess I should give you into a look at music background. I was raised by a mother who loved her 80’s music and a father who’s an all out 70’s man. Add that to the hip hop that I listen to from the 90’s and my classical music and you get my playlist. A whole mixture of music. I do have certain music from today’s age and music from growing up in the early 2000s. Not to mention songs from before the 70’s. 

I like to think I have a wide range. So with today’s rap and pop you’d think I would find something I like. 

Sorry to disappoint. There are songs that are classes as Folk that I really like listening to while reading or writing. But the rap that has come out in the last two years is leaving much to be desired. 

I do like Eminem, 50 Cent, and a few others but recently their music hasn’t been as satisfying as well of late. 

To tell you what really brought this on is a Kanye West song with a guy named Lil Pimp. I’m going to ignore the name. Apparently being a rapper of the new generation is to have horrendous face tattoos and hair that is dyed horrible multi color styled like a bird made their nest in it.

I can’t say much as emo had a bad hair day as well that I hate to admit I was apart of. Moving on.

Rap back in the day meant something. Granted it wasn’t the full best but still. Rap has been a slow fall to disaster. Now the underground rap still has a strong ground with rappers such as Tech N9ne.  Compare him to said song of West and lil wants to be a pimp and they just don’t compare.

Lyrics to I Love It by Kanye West and that ridiculous named dude

You’re such a fuckin’ ho, I love it (I love it)
You’re such a fuckin’ ho, I love it (I love it)
You’re such a fuckin’ ho, I love it
(Love it, love it) (I’ma fuck a bitch, tell her cousin)
Your boyfriend is a dork, McLovin (dork, McLovin, ooh, ooh, ooh)
I just pulled up in a Ghost (Ghost)
Fucked that bitch up out in London (up out in)
Then I fucked up on her cousin
Or her sister, I don’t know nothin’ (uh-uh, woo)
And my niggas gettin’ ignorant
Like a lighter, bitch, we ignant (ignant, yeah)
All this water on my neck
Look like I fell when I went fishin’ (fell)

Off google

Ick. How horrible is that. 

Now here are lyrics from Tech N9ne’s Dysfunctional.

Yeah, don’t you bring me nothing stupid
If you don’t want me to lose it
Step back if you don’t want me to attack
I’m a beast, better give me the deuces
I have no tolerance for nonsense, get away from me
Me wanna get dollars
Don’t wanna holler but you makin’ me
I’m a little dysfunctional
You’re the problem, please don’t awaken me
And I’m that way cause back in
The day most have forsaken me
La-di-da-di, I’m at the party
On a drunk night with a punk, might dude
Wanna pick a fight because he’s sorry

Off google

You want to know the even sadder part. With I Love It ( a 2:52 song) the lyrics I posted are 44 seconds of the song. 

Dysfunctional (a 4:05 song) is 30 seconds long. The lyrics are almost the same amount of time but I Love It is 123 words long while in Dysfunctional is 71 words. The major difference is the language and the content of what if being said. In the lyrics that I have posted Dysfunctional has no curse words while I love it  says a form of fuck six times, says the n word once, and says bitch three times.

I Love It is very disrespectful to women and also doesn’t make the best sense. Dysfunctional is telling a person not to come at him because he’s crazy and will go full ape shit.

My faith in music.

It’s slowly dwindling with kids listening to stuff like I Love It or even any of Nicki Minaj song. Now I’m not fully saying that the rap in the 80’s and 90’s didn’t say disrespectful ideas but they sure as hell weren’t as horrible sounding as today’s

If you must know

I think the 50’s-70’s has the best music. 

Not all music is to everyone’s liking. Plus I think it’s a rule for older generations to hate the new generations’ music. But could this new generation please make music that doesn’t sound like it was written by a fourth grader with a filthy mouth. Plus add some passion to it. Not to make music to be famous, but to make music because it’s music.

If you think this way too, awesome. If you think I’m full of shit and everything I said was wrong that’s awesome too. That’s the thing about opinions but I needed to get this off my chest. Hopefully the music world turns around again because Rap isn’t the only genre that has gone down hill.

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Frostbite by Cambria Herbert

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 361
Series: BearPaw Resort #3
Genre: NA, Sports, Romance
Publish: August 3rd 2018
Rating: 4 stars


Revenge is a dish best served cold. 

What if we lose everything?

It was a question that had haunted me even after I spoke it aloud.

Turns out one loss—one profound loss—is enough to put everything else at stake. 

What a house of cards life can be. How easily everything ices over. 

We’ve survived an avalanche, made it through a blizzard, but now a chill has set in. A cold so deep it reaches beyond bone.

The end of the storm provided a new beginning, but we can’t start over while we’re still frozen in the past.

How can I face a man who’s lost so much because of me? How can he face me?

This powerful secret between us grows with every breath I take. Will it pull us closer or sever a bond I once thought unbreakable?

The threat to my life is gone. Yet I’m still terrified.

Cold has laid claim to Liam. Whenever we touch, the bite of frost nips at my heart. 

His obsession for revenge grows, hurling him further from me and closer to the frostbite taking over.


This was a good end to Bellamy and Liam’s story. Many cute scenes. The story with Crone didn’t end like I thought it would but not complaining. 

Liam is one hot alpha. Alex will be too I think. I want to get to his story but it’s going to have to wait.

I’m having a terrible time reviewing this because spoilers so spoiler tag. 

Liam needs to whisk me away and propose, just so we could get married a couple minutes later. So fucking adorable. Though his dark side showing so often I thought he was going to go to New York and kill Crone. Alex’s is somehow involved and I wonder if we will get more answers of what Alex had to do with Crones end in his story. 

Crone’s death seemed to good to be true but I kind of don’t care because baby Shaw was adorable at the end during the Olympics

Gah HEAs like this are so worth some of the heroine’s dumb acts. Thankfully Bellamy didn’t have as many in this as she did in Blizzard.

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Blizzard by Cambria Herbert

My edition: Kindle Unlimited (Soon to own)
Pages: 351
Series: Bearpaw Resort #2
Genre: NA, Romance
Published: June 25th, 2018
Rating: 4 stars


An arctic blast is coming…

Fleeing to the wintry town of Caribou was always meant to be temporary, BearPaw Resort just a place to hide.

Never in a million years did I expect that running back to the past would bring me face to face with my future. 

But it did, and now everyone I love is in danger.

I’ve already escaped death three times, and I know my luck is running out. 

I’m left looking over my shoulder, watching and waiting, knowing they’re coming 

But when? 

Hiding is impossible when the mob wants you erased, and I love Liam far too much to try to disappear. 

The more time I spend with him, the more I realize how much he needs me. 

A darkness lurks inside him, and the colder it gets, the more I see it in his eyes.

So here I am, more afraid than ever before. 

Giving up isn’t an option. Giving in will get us killed.

A blizzard is brewing on our mountain, more frigid than anything we’ve ever felt. 

With everything we ever wanted at stake, the only option is to fight. 

When life turns arctic… 

Who will survive the blast?


I still love these two but not as much as Romeo and Rimmel.

Crone is still after Bellamy. Spidey has been playing games with Bells and Liam. 

I cried a bit at the end 

There were a few points that made me mad with Bellamy. She acted stupid at times and it was like hello bad move.

Liam is a total alpha and it’s hot as hell. Made the panties drop a time or thirty. 

I will be going straight into the third book. I want to know how the story continues with Crone.