Book Reviews

Worth It by S. M. Shade & C.M. Owens

My edition: Kindle owned
Pages: 310
Series: Stand Alone
Genre: Humor, Romance
Rating: 4.5 stars


What’s the recipe to the ultimate disaster week?

Three unruly friends.
A wedding we shouldn’t have been invited to.
Two unexpected romances.
A scoop of sexy.
And a double scoop of chaos.

Lydia is a good girl who is above revenge. Good thing she has us. No one cheats on out best friend and rides off into the sunset with his new bride.

What was supposed to happen? Unleash hell like two badasses. It was simple plan, but we failed to anticipate a few things. A rogue prosthetic, an accidental exorcism, and dominatrix strippers willing to take things way too far, just to name a few.

What actually happend? As usual, nothing went as planned, especially when two sexy distractions popped into the mix. We were there to avenge our friend, not to get entangled with two cocky, arrogant me, who don’t like to hear the word no. I was sure we could resist.

I mean, it was only a week, right? What could happen in a week?

Not intrigues enough? There’s totally a duck in this story.

Ah yeah. Now we have your undivided attention. Enjoy our chaos.


This was worth it. I don’t think I have laughed so hard because of a book before. I couldn’t read it at work because I was laughing out loud.

It’s dual POV between Henley and Kasha. Both girls are a laugh riot but I love Kasha even more.

You know a guy is a keeper when he lets you use your fingertips to make his pee hole move with the words like the little guy is the one belting out those awesome lyrics.

I think I died from that one.

I mean how can you not laugh at some of these quotes.

I want to tear off his clothes and ride him like a stolen bike.

I am seriously stealing that line though.

I’m not a slut. I just have a friendly vagina.

Another one I’m stealing.

So glad I spent the $3.99 on this bad boy because I will more than likely read it again just because of the humor.

So worth it.