Book Reviews

Marked by Destruction by Cece Rose & G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 159
Series: The Marked #3
Genre: Reverse harem, Fantasy
Rating: 3 stars


Even the smallest of mistakes can bring destruction.

Mackenzie Crowe is lost. Not lost emotionally, or eve lost somewhere sh can find a map. She’s lost in a whole different world, one she never even believed in.

Luckily she has Enzo at her side, but will she be able to find the others when they’re all lost? Is getting back to earth stopping her father even possible anymore?

With no marks, no magic, and in a world she doesn’t understand, how can kenzie possibly survive in a world marked by destruction?


Well after the first two books this one turned out to be somewhat disappointing.

It was much shorter than the first two. It seemed like it was put together fast. Oh and we still don’t know Mr. Daniels first name. That really irritated me.

It just seemed a little anti-climatic after dealing with the first two books.

There’s much to talk about but it would spoil the whole book and I don’t like doing that so I’ll just vent to Wy while he acts like he actually cares.

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