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My Best Friend’s Boyfriend by Amy Brent

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Standalone
Genre: Romance,
Rating: 2.5 stars



I’ve lost my mind.

That’s the only explanation¬†for it.

He’s my best friend’s boyfriend. I broke every girl-code out there when I let him kiss me.

And then what happened after…

But the dating agency set us up. And I couldn’t say no to those gorgeous gray eyes focused only on giving me pleasure.

I just wanted to lose my virginity. Now I’m afraid I’ll lose Logan.

What happens when I tell him I’m pregnant?


She blew me away when she walked in the room.

Olive skin and bright blue eyes that scratch an itch I never knew I had.

When I was with her best friend, I wouldn’t dare think about how much I wanted Ava.

Expect in my dreams.

Now Ava’s here for real. In my arms, in my bed…

Mine. Forever.

But when I wake up, will she still be here?


Well I hate to post a low rating review so early in the month but it happened. I didn’t really get to attached to either character. There was way to much details about bodily fluids and where she could feel them. Um… ew. Plus the sex talk was horrible.

The heroine is really stupid. The hero is too. How could they not see the best friend is a total bitch? I mean hello anyone with eyes can see it.

Just wasn’t my cuppa.

Book Reviews

Strip For Me by G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Unlimited.
Pages: 249
Series: Standalone
Genre: Reverse harem, Baby on the way, romance
Rating: 3 stars


One night. One divorce. One too many drinks and a very hot man make a bad combination. It was only meant to be one night to celebrate my long needed divorce, but when I find out that I’m pregnant by the hot man I met that night, it turns out I’m not as free as I wanted. When I finally manage to track down my hot one night stand, it’s to find he livers with his three other friends. And they want me to move in.


This was an okay story. All they guys were hot as usual.

Based in York, England, Ellie just got a divorce from her husband Drew who is as cold as his ice blue eyes. She goes to a club where she meets Andre. She then has a one night stand with Andre. A few weeks later she finds out she is pregnant.

When she goes to tell Andre she meets his three roommates who insist she moves in. They all are attracted to her as she is to them.

Now I won’t say what there job is but I love it. Totally awesome and had me laughing when Ellie found out.

I wish it was a little longer with more depth into it but it wasn’t horrible.