Book Reviews

Infernal Desires by Kel Carpenter

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Queen of the Damned #3
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy, Demons
Rating: 4 stars


You probably came here looking for a super spoilery blurb, but no such luck. Preorder the next installment in my action-packed, butt-kicking, laugh out loud adventure to find out what happens to me and my horsemen!


Yeah that blurb sucks.

Ruby is starting to transition between half succubus to full blown queen of the damned. But the beast is going to have some fun first.

Holy Torpedo Batman. What happens in this book made my head spin. The Beast is a wicked bitch. That’s me being nice. I don’t think this one was a good as the first two. But I still loved it.

Now I have to go and crawl into a corner and cry because the fourth book isn’t out and a release date hasn’t been set.

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