Book Reviews

Beyond Ransom by A.T. Douglas

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 214
Series: Ransom #1
Genre: Dark, Romance
Rating: 2 stars


My body is broken.

My life is shattered.

Everything I’ve ever known is gone from me, yet I’ve discovered something beautiful.

I didn’t expect to be taken. I never dreamed that love would find me while my life was slowly stripped away. With him something new and alive stirs within me, and I am completely changed.

Though battered and broken-down I’m not along. The most unlikely man protects me and gives me strength.

I will survive this for him. I will find a way to save us both.

While they hold me, he holds my heart, and I’m not willing to pay the price to get it back.

Warning: Beyond Ransom is a New Adult Romantic Suspense novel intended for mature audiences 18+. It contains disturbing situations, graphic violence, strong language, and sexual content.


I do not like the heroine at all. She is not realistic. I can’t connect with her. Oh yeah she’s a dumb bitch.

Fair warning rant/spoiler review about to commence. It won’t be pretty.

Please note that the countdown is all of the dumb decisions the heroine makes.

1.So to start the heroine’s dad is a detective. He tells her to stay inside and not to go out. What does she do? Sneak out.

2.She calls up a cab to take her to the bookstore for textbooks. What pulls up next to her is a town car with tinted windows. Instead of running away she goes near the car. She gets kidnapped.

3. She figures out who has her and sees that she is surrounded by many men. The leader is Mark. He beats her a bit and has one of his guys  cut her cheek. The guy who cut her cheek is named Leo. Leo cleans up Morgan in her cell. Morgan starts to feel safe around Leo.

4.She kisses Leo.

5. A week after her being kidnapped, she is laying her in little cell thinking about the kiss she had with Leo. She then starts touching herself. Mark hears her and comes inside and fingers her till she comes. While he does that Morgan thinks about Leo.

6. A few hours later Leo checks on Morgan. Morgan asks Leo to replace the memory of Mark finger raping her. So she let’s let finger her and then eat her out.

7. The day after she is in a room and Mark comes in and she smiles a little smug at him. He asks her why and she says something snarky to him. He threatens her and what does she do? Tell him he won’t touch her.

Everything I just listed happens in the first 30% of the book. I won’t give ya the full list because then I would have to pretty much write the whole book down.

This book while the plot line is devisable it would have been better to see it drag out between the three books. I know I am in the minority but after being in the dark genre for almost two years this was just eh. It would be a good starter book for someone who isn’t into the dark genre but would like to be. But for me it doesn’t have the factors I love and I want the heroine to die. So not going to continue on with this series even though it ends with a cliffhanger.




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