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Midnight’s End by Angel Lawson

My edition:Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 205
Series: The Raven Queen’s Harem #6 Final installment
Genre: Reverse Harem, Fantasy
Buddy Read with Felicia on Goodreads


Dark or lights?

Good or Evil?

Trapped in a realm with her mortal enemy, her betrayer and without her beloved mates and guardians, Morgan must make a choice.

Does she wait for her guardians to return with an army or forgive Bunny for his betrayal? The clock ticks and the Darkness will rise unless something- or someone stops her.

The exciting conclusion to The Raven Queen’s Harem!



Ok y’all I’m putting this up.

maxresdefault (1)

If you want to read this series do not I repeat do not read any further!!!




You’re still here. Okay don’t blame me because I spoiled something for ya. I put a warning.

So this is the last book of the series. I was excited.


I needed it and I need it now.

But I didn’t get excitement after I read this.


Yeah this was a disappointment.

The beginning and the synopsis amped this up for me. But it fell flat big time.

The battle we have been waiting for sucks total ass. Morgan and Morrigan really don’t fight. Morgan, after finally having sex with Bunny, has a white light which she transfers into Morrigan while taking the darkness. Then her and her guardians leave. Pretty much everyone is alive.

Before we even get to the battle, the guardians make a bet with the shaman. A bet to get the six immortals. They have to fight the immortals in the fights that they do. If the guardians win they get the contract to the immortals if they lose they owe the shaman 50 more years in the fights.

These immortals are suppose to be all time badass but the guardians defeat them really easily. That little fight sucked. We don’t even get the fight from one of the fighter’s POV. It’s from Morgan who some how did a dreamwalk or a dreamscape.

The end felt to rushed. I have more questions than answers. The end fell flat for me.

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