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Darkness of Light by Stacey Marie Brown

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Darkness #1
Genre: Fantasy, Mature YA/NA Paranormal, Romance
Rating: 3.5 stars


Darkness of Light is a Mature YA/NA Paranormal Romance. Warning: Darkness series on whole is not a YA but NA.

Freak. Witch. Crazy. Schizo.

Ember Brycin has been called them all. She’s always known she’s different. No one has ever called her normal, even under the best circumstances. Bizarre and inexplicable things continually happen to her, and having two different colored eyes, strange hair, and an unusual tattoo only contributes to the gossip about her.

When the latest school explosion lands her in a facility for troubled teens, she meets Eli Dregen, who’s hot as hell and darkly mysterious. Their connection is full of passion, danger, and secrets. Secrets that will not only change her life, but what and who she is-leading her down a path she never imagined possible.

Between Light and Dark, Ember finds a world where truth and knowledge are power and no one can be trusted. But her survival depends on finding out truth about herself. In her pursuit, she is forced between love and destiny and good and evil, even when the differences between them aren’t always clear. At worst, she will incite a war that could destroy both worlds. At best, she will not only lose her hear but her life and everyone she loves. Once the truth is out, however, there will be no going back. And she’ll definitely wish she could.


This is the second series I have read by this author. It took it a little while for the story to pick up and go.

I’m not a fan of Eli. I hate how back and forth he is with Ember. I can never understand what is going to happen with him. He’ll be showing interest into Ember and then suddenly he gets this disgusted look on his face or something happens and he goes back to being an asshole.

Then there is Torin who visits Ember and shows affection to her but he isn’t a big character. At first I was skeptical but I like Torin. I hope he is the one that she ends up with, but that’s mostly due to the fact I don’t like Eli.

I am confused on who Ember is going to end up with since she has Eli and Torin as love interests. The author isn’t very clear on what Ember’s feelings are with both of them. I mean when Ember is with Eli, he’s the center. When she is with Torin, he’s the center. She never thinks of the other guy when she is with the other. If the sentence makes any sense.

The sexual tension though. Damn I could get a butter knife and slice through it. I could practically taste it.

I do like her other series more but I am going to continue with this one.