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Winter’s Guardian by G. Bailey

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Her Guardians #1
Genre: Fantasy, Reverse Harem, NA
Rating: 3.5 stars


When Winter started university with her best friend Alex, she didn’t expect to find herself in the middle of a supernatural war. Who knew saving a stray wolf could earn you the alliance of the pack.
To make things more complicated, the broody and very attractive Jaxson is tasked with keeping her safe from the growing vampire threat in town. It’s a shame he can’t stand her and enjoys irritating the he hell out of her.
When she finds out her new boyfriend has his own secrets, can she trust anyone anymore?
What happens when you get yourself stuck in the middle of a war?
This is a reverse harme book series. 17+ readers only.


The blue-sided human will choose a side. When four princes are born on the same day, they will rule true. Her savior will die when the choice is made. If she chooses wrong, she will fall. If she chooses right, then she will rule. Only her mates can stop her from the destruction of all. If the fates allow, no one need fall. For only the true kings hold her fate, and they will be her mates.

Winter’s best friend decides to set her up on a date with her boyfriend’s best friend. Winter goes to the party to meet Wyatt who turns out to act strange and demanding. Leaving the party she goes home to spot an injured wolf in the parking lot. Since she is going to school as a vet she helps the wolf who turns out to be an eight year old shifter named Freddy. Since saving him meant she now has the pack’s protection. More importantly Jaxon’s protection.

I liked the idea of the prophecy. The story was good. A little instalove but I can look past that. I do wish when she found out about supernaturals she freaked out a little. She seemed a little too okay with it.

Plan on reading the second book soon.