Book Reviews

Incubus by Celia Aaron

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 367
Genre: Fantasy
Rating: 5 stars
Buddy Read with Felicia on Goodreads


An incubus who feeds off the sexual desires of others, Roth de Lis has never been denied the pleasure of a woman’s body… until now. Lilah, once a warrior maiden in the service of a goddess, languishes on earth after being cast out from the slopes of Mount Olympus.
Lilah will do anything to return home, including betraying Roth. As she spins her web of lies, Roth begins a slow, wicked seduction that eventually threatens to consume them both. But when Lilah’s deceit comes to light, will their torrid love affair be able to overcome a pact with the darkest of gods?


Oh boy. I don’t even know where to start.

I love Celia Aaron’s writing. I was introduced to it by Blackwood. I have had this on my TBR list when I first saw it coming out. I finally got it and I am blown away.

Her world building of the Greek Gods and Goddesses was amazing. I love it. I also have a huge lady boner crush on Apollo. I did have one going for Ares but then he showed his ass and that stopped my lady bits from tingling for him.

Lilah once fell in love but only to feel first love betrayal sting. No longer a maiden of Artemis due to her transgression, she will do anything to get back on the Goddess’s good graces. Even if that means pursuing Roth de Lis and the bounty on his head.

Roth and Lilah is a slow build with much sexual tension. I loved it!!! I don’t think there was one thing I hated about this book. I mean Corrine and Artemis are both bitches who um…


Other than that I was in love.

Roth may have been an incubus but he can have my heart any day of the week. Unless Apollo beats him to it.

Even though I started this on Saturday I only got to chapter 7 before I became busy with Wy’s birthday get together. Sunday I had time to myself but my brain thought it would be a good time to sleep. So I didn’t get to pick this up till around bedtime which then I had to force myself to put it down and get some more sleep. That I think was around 1:30 in the morning. Finally finishing it today and I am utterly speechless. I expected to like the story but not as much as I did.

Now… what the hell am I suppose to read now?


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