Book Reviews

Hard Core by Madison Faye

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 166
Series: Dirty Bad Things #1
Genre: Smut, Military Hero
Rating: 3 stars


She’s sweet, pure, and untouched, and she’s about to lose her innocence on camera. To me.

Trust me, I’m no porn star, even if I do have the equipment of one. But when the Moretti crime family comes calling to collect on a debt I owe, they want it in trade.

You see, there’s big money in dirty movies, and the more real the better. Me? I’m already filthy, damaged goods from my time in Afghanistan.

But then I meet Rose, my”so-star”, and my whole world shatters.

She owes the Moretti’s too, but she’s too good for all of this. Too sweet, too beautiful-too innocent for this shit. And I’ll be damned if I let them steal that away from her.

It’s wrong that she’s here, but it’s also wrong that she wants me to “teach her” things. It’s worse that I want to.

But one taste of her lips, and I’m hooked. One touch of her soft skin, and I know Rose is going to be mine. Not the camera’s. Mine.

The virgin with the debt, the ex-marine with the dick, and a porno for the mob.

Welcome to Vegas, baby.


I think Madison Faye is going to be up on my top list of smut authors. I did like this, I didn’t love it. The story line was excellent but the characters lacked something for me.

It was the hero. He came off as bland. Like any other hero in books. Nothing stood out to me about him.

While the mob story line kept me wanting more, the couple didn’t. I will read the next one because it came to me as an ARC. I know I am reading it late. Unfortunately I am reading a lot of ARCs late. I need to catch up.


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