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Wicked Ruin by S.L. Jennings

My edition:Kindle Unlimited
Series: Se7en Sinners #3
Genre: Dark, New Adult, Demons, Angels
Rating: 4.5 stars
Buddy Read: Felicia and Rae on GoodReads


They say you’re never truly read for death until it’s staring you down, its cold, bony fingers outstreatched and scrathching against your fragile mortality.
I thought I was ready the day my own mother tried to kill me. Perhaps I was read the moment I was born.
But as I peer into the chilling void of Death, breath shallow and heartbeat sluggish, I know that it can’t end like this. I was made for a purpose.
And that purpose is Legion.
Now that we’re fighting the battle of out lives, a war that could eliminate mankind, I see that purpose as clear as the whorls of dark ink etched in his skin.
Realms are colliding. Alliances are forming. And my heart is being torn in two.
I know the code the se7en live by.
Kill one to save a million.
But maybe it’s not me who was meant to die.
Maybe it’s the man I thought I could save… the man who once saved me.
The man I was created to kill.

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We all just want to belong to someone who loves us despite our demons. Just someone to hold our hand and make us feel less alone in this big, wide universe full of unseen terrors.

So this one was a roller coaster. I didn’t like it as much as the first two books but I still loved it. I am also shipping Niko with Eden. Yes I know she is with Legion but I am starting to like Niko more.

This had more dark moments. Even though Eden had escaped Lucifer, he seems nothing compared to what Uriel and Legion have planned.

This is what I was created for. To betray. To destroy. To kill. I am the weapon to make Legion fall to his knees. And I’ve just been activated.

Now why this was dark it still had it’s humor moments. Niko was a good many of those moments. I did like Lucifer and his taughtenings the most.

Does father know of your transgressions? Thous shall not be a deadbeat dad has to be one of the commandments.

I need to know if there is another book. There has to be. If not that is the worst ending to a series. If so and more than likely there is another book I need it. I need it now!!!