Book Reviews

Heart of Darkness by Gabi Moore

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series:Bad Boys After Dark #1
Genre: NA
Rating: 2 stars


WARNING: This book contains dark and disturbing themes, strong language and over the top sexiness that may be uncomfortable for some reader!

Ex-Military Zack Hunter has done things.

Bad things.

But he’s determined to serve out his full sentence at Blantyre Correctional Facility, do the time and clear his conscience.

Nobody has ever Cared about Zack’s dark past before-until now that is.

Madeleine Bright is a timid veterinary surgeon with a soft-spot for sick animals and an ex-boyfriend from hell. When she signs up for a prison dating site out of curiosity, she has no idea just how much her life is about to change.

Maddy and Zack’s connection is instant and electric, and they soon find themselves taking on another into exciting, shadowy places neither of them have ever explored before.

But when Zack’s past threatens to catch up with them, he has to make a difficult decision: can he open his heart to Maddy completely, no matter how dark that heart is?

Next book: Never Look Back


Well this book takes up about only 9% of the book. There is a whole different book at the end which I decided not to read. There are a few other books that I am wanting to read so I will just move on to one of those.

Now moving on to the story. I will have this review in two parts. Non spoiler and spoiler.


While the writing wasn’t bad it wasn’t the best I have ever read either. The plot line was hardly there. The boyfriend from hell and having this a buddy read is the only reason I kept going. That as well the fact this was barely over 200 pages.

Maddy was annoying character. I didn’t like nor did I understand why she would join a prisoner dating website. I ended up with more questions than answers from this book.

Zack was lack luster for me. He didn’t get my attention and I thought he seem weird. (look in spoilers if you dare for better explanation)



Okay so this Maddy seems very dense. She joins a prisoner dating site after being single for approximately two months. We learn that her ex boyfriend from hell is an abusive asshole. When she starts talking to Zack on the site for I think it said a month she was already starting to send him sexy pictures and getting more involved than what seems. She also doesn’t even tend to ask why he is in jail while talking to him on the site.

She said she doesn’t care. Bitch what if he raped and murdered an entire family? Think woman. When we do find out what he did to get in jail she ends up getting a little distant then seeks advice from her exboyfriend. Yeah Maddy was a horrible character.

I hate to say things like this because these characters are meaning to someone but for me they just didn’t add up.

Now Zack… the prologue wasn’t that bad. He was really rough but when we get to the sex scene when he stops holding back from Maddy he goes from rough to abusive sex. The chapter afterwards describes the many marks Maddy gets from Zack. And she is perfectly okay with it.

I’m not. This was like watching one unhealthy relationship movie into another unhealthy relationship. So not my cup of tea.

This book had potential but it just fell short.

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