Book Reviews

The Emperor of Evening Stars by Laura Thalassa

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: The Bargainer #2.5
Genre: Fae, Fantasy, NA
Rating: 5 stars


In the beginning, there was darkness.
Before he met Callie, before he became the Bargainer, there was Desmond Flynn, the bastard son of a scribe. A boy born to a weak mother, cursed with little magic, and destined to marry a slave.

But fate had something else in mind.

Till darkness dies.
From the barren caves of Arestys to the palace of Somnia to the streets of earth, this is how Desmond Flynn, a fairy who began with nothing, became the Emperor of Evening Stars.


This novella makes me fall in love with Desmond more. We get the background of how his mom died and how he killed his father. Not to mention everything in between.

I don’t have much to say because it will spoil the novella but it is a must read. It answers everything that you question in the book 1 and 2. The ending also sets up for book 3.

Highly recommended.

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