Me being me!

November 2017 Currently

November, the final month of fall. Here in South Central Kansas it is just cold and windy. Perfect days to stay inside drink hot chocolate and read.

So in this I will be talking about:

2.Thanksgiving Holiday
3.Books I’m Reading
4. What’s Next


I am slowly but surely working on my challenge for December. I have decided to do a scavenger hunt.

I will be posting the hunt up five days before December. Right around the 28th. Other than that I do plan to do some challenges next year but not as many as this year and the year before.

Thanksgiving Holiday

My family celebrates Thanksgiving. I will be doing two or three this year. Next week I won’t be posting as much as I want to but I will have a few. I plan to get as much reading done in the four day weekend.

Books I am currently reading

Right now I am reading the second book in the Bargainer’s series. I just got finished with rereading the first book.

I will also be starting two more series. One is a reread, the Hashtag series. The other I will be starting new is the Born Sinners series. I am hoping to start those next week.

What’s Next?

Next month will be my challenge. I will be reading the rest of the Hashtag series and Born Sinners. I will be making a post of the top ten best reads of 2017.

I will be going to Colorado the last week of December to be with my dad and brother for Christmas. I will spend that reading or inquiring new books for 2018.


I don’t have much planned for next month as of right now. I’m a little behind but am hoping to rectify that in the up coming week.


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