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Top 10: Aspects In Books That Grind My Gears

We all have a list a mile long on what works for us and what doesn’t work for us in books. What got me thinking about what I DON’T like in books is an email from another about yet another billionaire book. So I decided that this week’s top 10 is going to be aspects or tropes that a writer has in their book that grind my gears.


10. Billionaire

As you may have guessed I don’t like the billionaire trope. Every now and then it’s okay but it seems more and more smut books have the billionaire aspect.


I hate that they write about this. Oh and apparently along with the billionaire aspect is another trope I don’t like which moves on to…

9. Hero is distant do to abuse or broken hearted

The hero has to be in control of every situation due to having been abuse or had his heart broke. Also due to this the hero has commitment issues and dabbles in the world of BDSM. I’m pretty sure not all billionaires are like this.

8. Mental or Physical or Emotional disablity/illness

While on subject of abuse how about a disability or illness for plotline. I’m probably in a boat alone or with someone who hates this trope. The one that is mostly over used is the rape trope along with depression/anxiety trope.

7. Magic Peanie

Most the time this is associated with #8. Girl was raped and doesn’t trust any man. Few years later she meets the “one” and his magic peanie cures her paranoia, depression, trust issues, ect.


6. Mother and/or Father hate MC

I am so tired of this one. A mother and/or father puts their feelings before MC’s. I’m not saying this isn’t realistic. I’m just saying I would like to read more books where the parents want their children happy. Especially the mothers. Because I’m starting to think authors have mommy dearest issues.

5. Huge peanies

Apparently all men are hung like horses according to descriptions. (If any of you know of a book that a man is actually average size please leave it in the comments) I mean some of these men sound like just the head alone could do some major damage.

4. Slut shaming/ mean girl bashing

Oh I hate when an author has a MC hate the “it” girls because they are mean but doesn’t show that they are mean. I also hate slut shaming. So what a girl has been with several men. So what? Let her be. Men aren’t the only ones who can have commitment issues or just don’t want to settle down.


3. Intsa love

Don’t worry I will put this trope on here. Good ol’ insta love. The only time I am okay with this is when it’s fantasy and there’s soulmates. Only time I am perfectly okay with insta love. Oh and in short smut books. The ones that are like 60-100 pages. Other than that if a book is 200 pages and longer I want to see the build of that love.

2. Hero is a total player

Ugh! This one is a big one. The hero is a total man whore till he meets HER. I like when heroes aren’t in every girl’s bed before he gets with the heroine.

1. Heroine not confident or is viewed meaek

I love strong confident heroines. Even ones who are secretly confident in themselves. I hate when a girl is viewed as always needing the hero or her best friend to stand her battles for her. It irritates me to no end.


What are tropes you hate?