Book Reviews

Dracula by Bram Stoker

My edition: Owned (Paperback)
Genre: Horror, Vampire
Rating: 4 stars


Introduction and notes by Brooke Allen

The best-known figure of seductive evil in Western literature, bloodthirsty Count Dracula has inspired countless movies, books, and plays, but few, if any have been fully faithful to Bram Stoker’s original best-selling novel of mystery and horror, love and death, sin and redemption.

Written in the form of letters and diary entries, Dracula chronicles the vampire’s journey from his Transylvanian castle to the nighttime streets of London. There he searches for the blood he needs to stay alive-the blood of strong men and beautiful women- while his enemies plot to rid the world of his frightful power.

Though Dracula’s undertones of dark sexuality have always been of interest to readers of the novel, today’s critics see it as a virtual textbook on Victorian repression of the erotic and fear of female sexuality. In Dracula, Stoker created a new word for terror, a new myth to feed our nightmares, and a character who will undoubtedly outlive us all.


Finally, I have made it to one of my longest to be read books. Dracula along with Frankenstein have been on my reading list since I can remember. My first meeting with Dracula was in the year of 1998 when I watch along side my father Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein. Our dear friend of the night was played by none other Bela Lugosi. This was the Dracula I grew up with till 2008 when my mother bought Bram Stoker’s Dracula (1992) starring Gary Oldman and Wilnona Ryder.

While watching this whole new version of Dracula, I was also being introduced to more of the vampire world. My mother, who is a huge Anne Rice fan, was allowing me to watch the movie adaption of Interview with the Vampire and Queen of the Damned. Lost Boys can be counted on the list of movies I was being allowed to watch finally. Take this and the books I was allowed to buy with my allowance money (Vampire Kisses, Vampire Diaries, etc) I entered the vampire world. Along with my introduction to this new world during school I was learning about the real Dracula, Vlad III or better known as Vlad the Impaler. Thus Dracula was added to my list. My mother didn’t allow me to read it just yet, seeing as to the subjects Dracula addresses. She thought I need to wait at least till senior year of high school.

It is now five years after graduating high school that I have picked this up. I’m glad my mother told me to wait. Considering the role women play, I would not have full grasped such a matter when I was younger. Thinking back I am glad to wait till now for I don’t think even I would have grasped the attitude of this book during my senior year, for I was still very naive in certain subjects. Hey there was a time when this brain didn’t get to touch an erotica. Dracula told through series of diaries, letters, telegrams, and news paper clippings we follow a gang of characters.

The beginning took a little long for me. While the Count had my utmost attention, Johnathon did not. I thought he was a bit of a dry character. Now other times, such as the newspaper clipping of the Demeter coming into port during a horrible storm, dragged on. At times the book is amazing and I can’t put it down and then there are such times that I wanted to skip certain entries but knew I couldn’t for I would miss something.

As reading this though I think back to the 1992 adaption and not liking it as much as I have in the past. Granted most Dracula movies haven’t done this book justice. There is one movie that I haven’t scene that was the start of it all. Nosferatu. Granted it is not named Dracula but is said to be based off of the novel just with a different name. It is one of my top lists to find and watch.

I hated that it took me a long time to finish this novel. I wasn’t in the mood to read a classic. I set it aside because I didn’t want to rate this book when I was not in a mood for it. I am glad I waited till I was in the mood again. I thoroughly enjoyed the tale of Dracula. It is probably going to be a favorite.

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