Book Reviews

Of Bones and Ashes by Nicole Zoltack

My edition: Kindle unlimited.
Pages: 102
Series: Once Upon a Darkened Night book 4
Genre: Fairy tale Retelling, YA
Rating: 4 stars


You’ve head the story. Skin white as snow. Lips red as blood. Hair black as ebony. A real beauty, right? Good and kind and all that.

Lies. Every one.

Well, her skin is white but more like bones than snow. And her lips are red as blood, but her hair is black as sin.

In truth, not a beauty but a terror in the night and during the sunlit hours too.

Horrible and vicious. Terrible and frightening. Powerful and detestable.

You know her as Snow White.

I know her as the harbinger of my death.

This bone-chilling retelling returns a beloved fairy tale to its classic, dark roots.


Snow White is evil. The evil stepmother is really good.

I love that Zoltack is spinning the stories we grew up knowing into a twisted dark tale. While I did want to be Belle there were times I would rather have been the villain than a princess. Maleficent being an example. I always did love her.

While the rest of the world calls her Snow White the stepmother calls her Bone Ash. Bone Ash is a monster. Her mother was a witch and cast a spell to make her look a certain way. She also created a monster.

I don’t really know what to say on this one. It was good. I am just at a lack of words. Mostly because everything I want to talk about in my review will spoil the story.  I’ll just say you won’t look at Snow White the same anymore?