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The Cost of Forgetfulness by Nicole Zoltack

My edition: In book bundle Anthousa, Xanthousa, Chrismaslousa
Series: Darkened Night: History book 8
Genre: Fairytale retelling, YA
Rating: 2.5 stars


This story is in a collection book called Anthousa, Xanthousa, Chrismaslousa. The Cost of Forgetfulness is towards the end of the book. The story follows an ogress who helps a couple conceive a child. The child is born and is named Anastasia the Fair. The couple soon die and leave the child in the care of the ogress.

I don’t know how this one will fit into the story line as of yet. I didn’t care much for the story but I did read through it pretty fast.

Book Reviews

The Cost of Enchantment by Nicole Zoltack

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Darkened Nights: History book 7
Genre: Fairy tale Retelling, YA
Rating: 3 stars


A vicious storm leaves a witch wondering and fearing for the future of Saxonia. Will the days ahead be brighter than ever before? Or darker than the depths of despair?


The story is set a few years after The Cost of Treachery.

A witch is struck by lightening. This causes her appearance to change. When struck she has a vision of a girl who will be turned to evil.

This is a set up for Of Bones and Ashes. I really didn’t care much for this story. I probably will when I do read Of Bones and Ashes but till then, meh.