Book Reviews

The Vampire Gift 1: Wards of Night by E.M. Knight

My Edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: The Vampire Gift
Genre: Paranormal, Supernatural
Rating: 2 stars


When 17-year old Eleira wakes up in a strange, unfamiliar room high above the redwoods of California, she has no idea what’s waiting for her in the dark.

A trio of hauntingly beautiful vampires with a taste for her blood…

An ancient sanctuary locked away in time…

And a wicked queen determined to do anything to hold on to her rule.

Caught between three vampire brothers and coveted for her bloodline, Eleira is swept into a world of supernatural magic where nothing is as it seems and betrayal lurks behind every corner. She must fight for her survival or risk being made prey for the very creatures who keep her there. But when she discovers a dark, twisted prophecy with her at its center, she is pulled deep into the hear of THE HAVEN… and realizes that vampires she seeks to escape might just be the key to her salvation.


This reminds me so much of another series, Shade of Vampire.

The similarities

A girl is taken to a whole other village. The village has humans who are slaves. The girl notices that it is always dark outside. The Haven is protected by wards that a witch keeps up. The girl is desired between two brothers. One brother a asshat, the other a sensible vampire. Their youngest sibling is more tolerant to not being a full blown monster. The vampires all live up in houses built in the trees.

The differences.

The witch is also the queen of the Haven who also happens to be the brothers’ mother. In California high in the Redwoods. Their youngest sibling is a boy instead of a girl. Their father is the ruler of the rival coven.

I didn’t like this all that much. The writing, though it wasn’t bad, it wasn’t the best either. Granted I have read worse. Main reason I am not going on with this series is that I was seeing way to much of Shade of Vampire and I couldn’t full open up to the story. Not for me.

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