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Spearwood by A.S. Oren

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Spearwood 1-2.5

I am reviewing all of the books in one. I will update this as I go further into the sereis.

Spearwood #1

Rating: 3.5 stars


Avalon, the first female born to the Dragon shifters in centuries, has hidden for most of her life. Running from monsters that rose because of her parents’ past. Sent away for her own protection, she’s raised by a stranger and trained with Paden, Maverick, and Jericho. They must make sure she will prevail once Spearwood calls on her.


I haven’t read much with dragon shifters. I do love the concept. Dragons are one of my favorite mythical creatures. When I saw this in one of my recommendations I thought to check it out.

I’m glad I did. I like the story. It was cute and new to me. This is a reverse harem, which I wasn’t expecting, but it ties in pretty good. Unlike several of the reverse harems I have been reading lately this one isn’t heavy on sex.

The characters are fantastic. I loved them. Even though I loved the story and the characters, there are a couple things I couldn’t get past.

  1. When Avalon is five years old she is sent to Edgar to train and kept safe. My problem is that Avalon is five but sounds like she’s thirty. For some reason the author has made it where Avalon’s mind is more mature for her age. I wasn’t a fan of that.
  2. Needs some editing. Nothing bad just needs a few touch ups.
  3. Jericho… I understand how he feels but it’s not like Avalon signed up for the fold.

The ending leaving us on a cliffhanger but luckily I have the next 3 books. I wonder what Rosemen’s objective is… either way I hope Avalon crushes him.


On to the next book.

Spearwood 1.5

Rating: 3 stars


This one wasn’t bad. I didn’t like it as much as the first one. The ending has a cliffhanger. I officially hate Jericho. He’s an ass. He has let jealousy cloud his judgement even though Avalon said she wouldn’t let any into her fold even though they are destined. She just wants it how it use to be. Jericho doesn’t and is a totally asshole to her.

Any whoser on to book 2.

Spearwood 2

Rating:1.5 stars


This was focused on to much sex and not enough plot.

Spearwood 2.5

Rating: .5 stars


Just not enough plot to keep me going.