Book Reviews

Dark Hearts by P.L. Midnight

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Series: Stand alone
Rating: No Rating DNF @ 15%


A few months ago, I’d never heard of Dark Hearts, an organization dedicated to the destruction of the entire human race.
As far as the Order goes, they’re supposedly the good guys although I question some of their tactics. The names stands for nothing more than their goal, which is trying to maintain order among the planets and keep the inhabitants safe.

A few months ago, my life was the simple existence of a normal teenage girl. I’d never heard of either of those organizations. I had a mother that loved me and a roof over my head.

A few months ago, my biggest problem was not have a boyfirend. Now I have six or is that seven… even that has become complicated because you see they’re all gorgeous males that would do anything for me, however they aren’t human.

You say how can a normal teenage girl fall in love so quickly with a gargoyle, two wendigoes, a sun seraph, a warlock and a shape-shifter? I don’t know. I only know that I do love them all and possibly an ancient vampire. My mother is missing and an ice storm is brewing. Could my life get more complicated…

This is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It contains sexual situations and some bold language.


Okay so lately I’ve just been in the mood of a reverse harem story. So I’ve just decided to try different authors and see what happens. This book doesn’t have the highest rating out there. That should turn me away but I do like the unpopular or lowly rating books. Why? My brain wants to know why such low ratings for myself. I also tend to like stories and movies that most people tend to hate.

So when I saw this, I looked at the blurb. It seems interesting. Only I do have a caution on the wendigoes. Mainly because I know a wendigo is a creature who use to be a man but got stuck in a harsh winter and had to resort to cannibalism. Should be interesting, right?

Unfortunately I didn’t get to really find out. The story sounds promising if it wasn’t for the fact the writing seems like a twelve year old. I just couldn’t get past the writing.

Sorry I tried.


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