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Knights by Ava Ryant

My edition: Kindle Unlimited
Pages: 172
Series: Aurum #1
Rating: 2 stars


Ashlyn is desperate to leave the confines of the Citadel she has practical been imprisoned in since childhood. For her own safety. Finally able to fulfill her calling as the Erede of the realm she is determined to follow her own path. Unfortunately she is saddled with five arrogant but rather handsome Knights of the Order, who are equally determined to see her returned to the safety of the Citadel. At least she will have something nice to look at on her travels, if only she could ignore haughty attitudes.

No one more than she know’s how dangerous the job of Erede can be, after all the previous Erede was assassinated. Yet the more she tries to keep them at bay the more she realizes she needs them. Finding great joy and heartbreaking sorrow is just the beginning of her journey and she needs the knights to face what’s coming.


Another book that more planning should have taken place. Had potential but the execution was a fell a little short.  The author could be a bit better at describing the world around Ashlyn better. I think there should have been a little less sex and more relationship building. At first Ashlyn and the knights feel the connection then BAM! they are all in love. Not really believable.

I just couldn’t fall in love with this let alone like. I said it before it had great potential, it just need more detail.




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